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Aug 09 2015

Glacier National Park – Day 2

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Day 2 started with a long drive as we had to go over to the Many Glacier area on the east side of the park to purchase boat tickets for the Grinnell Glacier hike we planned to do on one of the following days. We chose to drive to the east side on the Going […]

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Aug 03 2015

Glacier National Park Trip

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Regular readers have probably guessed that most of my vacations in the US are planned around visits to national parks. For several years, one of the national parks constantly near the top of my must-see list has been Glacier National Park. Photos of the scenic beauty in the park and news about the glaciers, the […]

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Jun 28 2015

Purampokku Engira Podhuvudamai

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Directors like Shankar and Murugadoss make movies about popular, easily relatable social issues like corruption or the plight of farmers whose lands are grabbed by MNC companies. They cast a popular star, construct a screenplay that incorporates all commercial elements and provide crowd-pleasing solutions. The resulting combination spells box-office success more often  than not. Director […]

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Feb 08 2015

2014 – Best Songs

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As I mentioned in the post about Yuvan and Harris, the two music directors have been having a rather poor run since the start of this decade. I think one of the reasons I didn’t miss them much was that Tamil cinema has given us a lot of good music during that time. With well-established […]

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Aug 25 2014

Kathai Thiraikathai Vasanam Iyakkam

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Though there have been times when he pandered unabashedly to the front-benchers(a recent example would be Pacha Kuthirai), Parthiban, in the films like Housefull and Kudaikkul Mazhai that he directed, has always displayed a willingness to experiment, to deliver stories that were different from the usual. He continues this in Kathai Thiraikathai Vasanam Iyakkam where, […]

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Dec 02 2012

Recent Favorite Non-Tamil Songs

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When I growing up in India, I was in touch with the music scene outside India. My friends and I used to watch the Grammy awards regularly, I listened to Boney M, Michael Jackson, Madonna and many others and I had pictures of Madonna and Samantha Fox on my room wall(the latter may not have […]

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Oct 29 2009


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Pure action films are a rarity in Tamil cinema with essential aspects like romance, comedy and sentiments usually pushing action to the sidelines. So Peraanmai, which gives top billing to action, is a pleasant surprise. The film is not without distractions as it initially pursues its agenda of highlighting the upper caste-lower caste divide. But […]

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Aug 29 2009

Reviews Update

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Reviews for Vaalmiki, Anthony Yaar, Malai Malai, Pokkisham and Kandhaswamy are available on the reviews site.

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Aug 17 2009

A New Place

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In the past few years of blogsurfing, I’ve noticed that there are three things that have made even the most zealous bloggers become irregular in their blogging – marriage, having a child and getting their own website. I started blogging only after the first two events in that list but now its time to test […]

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