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Feb 14 2017

The TN Political Drama

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It goes without saying that I’ve been watching a lot of movies but lately, the action in the Tamil Nadu political arena has provided more entertainment than all those movies combined. Yes, our movies do straddle several genres to entertain but even they would find it hard to throw in all the genre elements that […]

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May 19 2016

JJ Is Back

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After a suspense filled election, JJ is back in the CM’s seat with a rather convincing victory. I always thought the DMK would win the election for a simple reason – the anti-incumbency factor. Yes, there were a few other things. There were rumors about JJ’s failing health. There were grumblings about JJ’s rule, seen […]

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May 15 2011

Amma Is Back

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The 2011 TN Assembly elections must have been one of the few elections where the results were a surprise to everybody – the winners, the losers, the pollsters and the voters. While many exit polls had predicted a close finish between the AIADMK front and the DMK front, the latter was completely decimated, bringing Jayalalitha […]

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