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Mar 27 2017

Ennodu Vilaiyadu

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Ennodu Vilaiyadu has the very unique backdrop of horse racing. The sport has a reputation of being addictive and destroying families as huge amounts of money are gambled away on the races but the film doesn’t deal with that aspect of it except for a couple of warning lines at the end. Instead it uses […]

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Mar 19 2017


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Yaakkai begins with a well-filmed scene where a car is pushed down from the rooftop of a Chennai hospital at night. When ACP Sahayam(Prakashraj) arrives at the scene the next day, we learn that the chief of the hospital Krishnamoorthy(Radharavi) was killed and then placed in the car before its fall. This sets the stage for […]

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Mar 16 2017


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Mupparimaanam doesn’t inspire much confidence in the beginning. Kathir(Shanthanu) gets a typical mass hero introduction scene where he swats away a bunch of goons at a marriage hall and then kidnaps the bride Anusha(Shrushti Dange). The fight sequence is good even if completely one-sided but the subsequent chase is rather generic and doesn’t generate much by […]

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Mar 14 2017

Motta Shiva Ketta Shiva

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The success of the last 2 Kanchana movies made Raghava Lawrence a star with box-office clout. While they were commercial successes, our heroes have always treated successful mass masala movies as the holy grail of stardom. Lawrence’s attempt at that stardom gives us Motta Shiva Ketta Shiva, a hardcore, B-grade mass masala movie. Lawrence is more acceptable […]

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Mar 09 2017

Kuttram 23

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Arivazhagan is a director who hasn’t hit the big league even after providing two good entertainers(Eeram, Vallinam) in two very different genres(horror, sports drama). Arun Vijay too has languished for years in the lower ranks of Tamil cinema without getting the all-important break that would enable him to climb up the rungs of stardom. The two […]

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Mar 06 2017


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I was pretty excited when Rum was advertised as a “heist-horror thriller” since those are two of my favorite genres and Tamil cinema has recently delivered some good films(Pizza, Maya, Rajathanthiram, etc.) in both those genres. But that advertisement is quite misleading. Rum is pretty much a horror film with the heist portion serving only as […]

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Mar 02 2017

Adhe Kangal

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Producer C.V.Kumar has built up a reputation for bankrolling small but interesting films in a variety of genres ranging from sci-fi(Indru Netru Naalai) to horror(Pizza). Like many of the films that he has produced, Adhe Kangal too features actors who are not household names(yet) and a new director. And like those other films, this film, a thriller, […]

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Feb 27 2017


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Notwithstanding the weak critical and commercial reception it got, Manirathnam’s Kadal was definitely a dream debut for Gautham Karthik since it got him noticed. But based on the scripts he has been selecting since then, the actor seems determined to become the poster boy for actors whose career takes a sharp nose dive after starting off with a strong […]

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Feb 16 2017

Singam 3

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Suriya has mentioned a few times that Singam was the film that gave him good reach in the B and C centers. He must’ve wanted reassurance about that reach again after a smart film like 24 and so joins hands again with Hari for Singam 3. His decision isn’t that much of a puzzler since […]

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Feb 09 2017


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Villains in most of our hero-centric masala films are little more than punching bags. They may be loud but they make up weak plans, get duped ridiculously easily and their threats are designed to simply elicit massy punch dialogs as responses. Thani Oruvan showed us how effective a thriller can be when the villain is […]

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