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Jul 12 2017

Bharathanatyam Arangetram

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Once again, the blog had a long break because of an India trip. Trips to India didn’t lead to a break in blog posts earlier. If anything, the blog used to temporarily become more relevant as I caught up on the latest movies in Chennai theaters and wrote the reviews. But the trips these days […]

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Jul 25 2016

Dubai Trip

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Its been a busy summer with a trip to Chennai and a business trip within a few days of coming back. This India trip being one of the few trips where the whole family left at the same time – mom and dad usually fly out and return a couple of weeks apart to let […]

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Mar 15 2016


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I had originally planned a day trip to Petrified Forest National Park from Phoenix but the 3 1/2 drive to the park dissuaded me and so we ended up going to Sedona,¬†which was just an hour away. The drive through Sedona was along the aptly-named Red Rock Scenic byway which was flanked by red rock […]

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Feb 02 2016

Aaluma Doluma Cover

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While I enjoy listening to the songs the kids learn during their flute and violin classes, I just love instrumental versions of our Tamil film songs more. While I wouldn’t call Vedhalam‘s Aaluma Doluma… a huge favorite, I do enjoy listening to the catchy kuthu number. Ever since I noticed the simple tune and minimal […]

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Jan 24 2016

Happy New Year

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I guess I could add a ‘belated’ to the title of the post but considering we are still in January, the greeting doesn’t seem too delayed. I’m planning – or rather, hoping? – to start writing again after that rather long break. The break itself was unplanned and even after I accepted it as a […]

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Dec 01 2015

Chennai Rains

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Maybe its the cumulative effect of all the rain Chennai has been having since the last couple of weeks but it looks like yesterday’s rain is turning out to be the worst yet. My FB and twitter timelines are filled with scary photos that reveal the extent of the damage the rain has done. Cars […]

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Sep 20 2015

Glacier National Park – Day 7

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On our last day – or rather half day, since we had to exit the park in the afternoon to reach the airport –¬† at the Glacier National Park, we visited the Two Medicine area. This was again on the east side of the park but south of the Many Glacier area and so the […]

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Sep 13 2015

Glacier National Park – Day 6

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The plan for day 6 was our second day hike of the trip – the hike to Iceberg Lake. At almost 10 miles this trail was longer than the Grinnell Glacier trail but the elevation increase wasn’t as much and so it wasn’t considered as strenuous. Since we liked the ranger-led hike to Grinnell Glacier, […]

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Sep 02 2015

Glacier National Park – Day 5

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Since day 5 was sandwiched between two days of long, strenuous hiking, we decided to take it easy. First we hiked John’s Lake Loop. The hike through the forest gave us only a glimpse of John’s Lake through the trees. But the trail led to the very pretty McDonald Falls. The waterfall was on McDonald […]

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Aug 25 2015

Glacier National Park – Day 4

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On day 4 in the park, we had only one item on the agenda – the 8-mile hike to see Grinnell Glacier. This was definitely the longest hike we’d ever done and to make things scarier, all the descriptions categorized the hike as “strenuous” owing to its 2500 feet ascent. So we decided to join […]

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