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Apr 19 2017

Most Wanted

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After the success of Gone Girl and The Girl on the Train, there were several authors who adopted a similar style to tell their stories. So I read a string of books(The Woman in Cabin 10, The Widow, In a Dark, Dark Wood, etc.) with shifting timelines and/or multiple narrators and I was actually looking for […]

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Feb 22 2017

The Widow

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Its become rare these days to read a simple, straightforward story where the narration is not complicated by unreliable narrators, multiple points of view and the story itself moving back and forth in time. Fiona Barton too relies on many of these techniques in her debut novel The Widow. The story keeps us hooked with good […]

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Jan 30 2017

The Woman in Cabin 10

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A cruise ship is a unique place to set a missing person story and that’s the setting for Ruth Ware’s The Woman in Cabin 10. Lo, a journalist for a travel magazine, gets a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to cover the maiden voyage of an ultra-luxurious cruise ship Aurora. Lo meets the titular woman in the adjacent cabin […]

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Jan 10 2017

Behind Closed Doors

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To the outside world Grace has the perfect marriage – a handsome and successful lawyer for a husband, a beautiful home and frequent trips to exotic Thailand. This debut novel by B.A.Paris is set in England and begins with a dinner party hosted by Grace and her husband Jack Angel for a few of their […]

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Aug 29 2016

2 Disappointing Books

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   Memory Man, the first book in David Baldacci’s new series came as a big surprise for a long-time reader like me. With a new central character Amos Decker who had hyperthymesia – the ability to remember everything -the book featured some good mysteries and didn’t have even a whiff of American politics, the subject of almost all […]

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May 15 2016

The Steel Kiss

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  Its been a while since I read a book and I recently picked up The Steel Kiss by the ever-dependent Jeffery Deaver. I didn’t read Deaver’s previous novel Solitude Creek since it featured Kathryn Dance, who I didn’t find very interesting in her previous two novels. But Lincoln Rhyme has rarely disappointed and so […]

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Oct 17 2015


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Notorious is the first novel in a new series by Allison Brennan. Its heroine Maxine Revere is passionate about solving cold cases to give a sense of closure to the victims’ families. She has been at it for a while before the events of this book and so there are lots of references to her past […]

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Oct 06 2015

Crash and Burn

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An unreliable narrator seems to be a popular trope with writers these days to induce suspense. In Gone Girl we had a narrator who lied and led us astray while in The Girl on the Train, one of the narrators’ drinking problem led to blanks in her memory during key times while another narrator’s manipulative […]

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Sep 07 2015

The Stranger

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While I read thrillers almost exclusively, I usually read action and mystery thrillers. Harlan Coben’s The Stranger is more of a drama that deals with the repercussions of a stranger forcefully entering the lives of some people. The stranger makes an appearance right away as he meets Adam Price and reveals to him a shocking […]

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Jun 24 2015

Memory Man

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David Baldacci remains one of the few authors whose novels I look forward to even though I’ve been reading him for several years. Right from his first book Absolute Power, most of Baldacci’s novels have dealt with Washington DC and American politics. The prolific author has launched several different series but almost all of them […]

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