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Nov 30 2009

Boy vs Girl

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I’d always thought, based both on personal experience and observation, that it was a lot simpler to dress up boys than girls. The vastly more limited choices when it comes to dress types, colors and styles in dresses for boys made me assume that  shopping and dressing would be simpler and less stressful for Karthik […]

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Nov 25 2009

Roadside Crosses

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After The Blue Nowhere, that took on hacking, and The Broken Window, which dealt with identity theft, technology again plays an important part in Jeffery Deaver’s latest novel Roadside Crosses. While the plot is too pulpy for it to serve as a cautionary tale about our online life, the twists and turns are quite effective, […]

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Nov 22 2009

Paranormal Activity

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Paranormal Activity follows The Blair Witch Project route by disguising itself as raw footage from a video camera rather than a real film made by professionals. The film plays like footage obtained from the camcorder of a couple who moved into a house in San Diego. We learn from the footage that the wife thinks […]

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Nov 20 2009

Reviews Update

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Reviews for Sindhanai Sei and Adhe Neram Adhe Idam are now online @ the reviews site.

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Nov 19 2009

Sindhanai Sei

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Even thrillers in Tamil usually follow a safe route with atleast one protagonist who the audience can side with and one or more guys lined up against him. Sindhanai Sei is a pleasant surprise in that it doesn’t adopt this safe route. A dark, well-plotted crime thriller, it is not completely original but it still […]

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Nov 12 2009

Reviews Update

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Reviews for Madurai to Theni, Sooriyan Satta Kalloori, Thiru Thiru Thuru Thuru, Jaganmohini, Peraanmai and Kanden Kaadhalai are now online @ the reviews site.

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Nov 11 2009

Another Stage Performance

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Kavya’s dance school had its annual show last weekend, giving Kavya another opportunity to dance on stage. This was a longer performance than the last one and it was nice once again seeing her in the spotlight up on that stage.

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Nov 09 2009

Kanden Kaadhalai

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Jab We Met was a charming romance that used its characterization and script to make the familiar story seem fresh. Like most remakes, Kanden Kaadhalai borrows most of its story while adding a few elements to make it more appealing to the Tamil audience. These new elements have mixed results and so the Tamil version […]

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Nov 03 2009

Thiru Thiru Thuru Thuru

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While Tamil films have recently expanded into several new genres, Thiru Thiru Thuru Thuru offers something new by tackling more than 1 genre in the same movie. And first-time director Nandini does so successfully too. With a nice eye for subtle comedy that ties together the forays into the different genres, she delivers a clean, […]

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