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Jun 22 2010


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Raavanan once again finds Mani Rathnam take on a well-known story and put his own spin on it. It is a rather interesting spin told in a captivatingly succinct style, with some gorgeous visuals providing the backdrop. Still, the weak characterization of the most important character prevents the film from meeting all of its aspirations. […]

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Jun 17 2010

Coming Soon – Raavanan

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It was evident even as 2010 started that it was gonna be a great year for Tamil movie fans. With films from all the top actors and several noted directors in the pipeline, film buffs settled in for a wonderful year ahead. They haven’t been disappointed so far as a parade of event movies with […]

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Jun 15 2010

The Power of Mani

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With the release of Raavanan just a few days away, its Mani Mani everywhere these days. And rightly so. As a director who changed the Tamil cinema landscape, gave Tamil cinema a global face and audience and strived to raise Tamil cinema to the next level with every movie, he deserves every accolade he gets. […]

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Jun 14 2010

Kola Kolayaa Mundhirikka

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Apart from the kinds of movies he is acting in, the other problem with Sundar.C turning into an actor is that no other directors took over his spot to direct the kind of comedy capers(like Ullathai Alli Thaa or Naam Iruvar Namakku Iruvar) that he specialized in. Madhumita would seem to be a rather surprising […]

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Jun 11 2010

Reviews Update

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Reviews for Veerasekharan, Mundhinam Paarthene, Rettachuzhi, Suraa, Irumbukkoattai Murattu Singam, Goripaalayam, Guru Sishyan and Singam are now online @ the reviews site.

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Jun 10 2010

Mundhinam Paarthene

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While its cop thrillers that he is most closely associated with after films like Kaakka Kaakka and Vettaiyaadu Vilaiyaadu, Gautham Menon actually started his career with the urban romance Minnale. His protege Magilzh Thrumeni follows in his mentor’s footsteps and makes his debut with a own urban romance which he also names with the starting […]

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Jun 07 2010


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Though Hari started strong with Thamizh and Saamy, his subsequent films were disappointing, the worst of which were soaked in gratuitous violence(Aaru) and regressive melodrama(his last film, Seval). But he shows us that he hasn’t completely lost his touch in Singam, his 10th film. With able support from an in-form Suriya, he crafts a racy […]

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