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Feb 24 2011

RIP – Malaysia Vasudevan

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Nowadays we have so many new singers that it has become virtually impossible to identify the singer when listening to a song. But when I was growing up, the Big Three were SPB, Yesudas and Malaysia Vasudevan and most songs were rendered by one of them. So the news that Malaysia Vasudevan has passed away […]

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Feb 16 2011

Thots on Nanban

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[Pic Courtesy Vijay Fan Club. It is obviously a fan-made copy-paste job on a 3 Idiots poster but I thought its been done well] Nanban, the now-titled remake of 3 Idiots, has finally started rolling. But the film hasn’t started out with a lot of positive buzz. Considering the usual buzz and hype whenever a […]

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Feb 14 2011


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Recently, we’ve had several directors branch out from genres that that they were closely identified with. Even in this scenario, director Radha Mohan’s leap from family-friendly, sentimental fare like Mozhi and Abhiyum Naanum to action territory comes as a big surprise. The director handles the thriller portions effectively enough but is unable to keep out […]

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Feb 12 2011

Yudham Sei

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After a more personal and emotional tale in Nandhalala, director Mysskin returns to Anjaathey territory with his latest film Yudham Sei, a thriller. Shorn of distractions like romance and comedy and realistically capturing an interesting investigation, it is a focused and suspenseful police procedural. But the investigation itself is more involving than what lies at […]

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Feb 07 2011

Tamil Cinema 2010 – Bottom 9

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As in the last couple of years, the ‘Bottom list’ is comprised of the biggest disappointments rather than the absolute worst of the year. While the lack of trouble I had in picking out 10 favorite movies for the Top Ten list was a strong indicator of how good a year 2010 was for Tamil […]

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Feb 02 2011

Tamil Cinema 2010 – Top Ten

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10. Boss Engira Baskaran This was a true-blue romantic comedy that consistently entertained us by never letting things get serious. The comedy got a lot more weightage than the romance, which was also sweet, but it was clean and funny and blended well into the main track. 9. Madharasapattinam Another ambitious film, this made a […]

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