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Mar 30 2011

127 Hours

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The Man vs Nature genre is a personal favorite(Open Water and Frozen are probably two of the best films in that genre). Almost all those films seem to have the humans losing the battle even if the film ends with one or more survivors. 127 Hours, directed by Danny Boyle, the director of Slumdog Millionaire, […]

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Mar 28 2011

Camera Upgrade

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Politics, sports and cinema are the three primary passions of Tamil Nadu. With the World Cup in full flow and the assembly elections drawing nearer, things are exciting in two of those arenas and so cinema has taken a backseat for a little while now.  Along with things being quiet on the Tamil cinema front, […]

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Mar 22 2011

Seattle-Olympic National Park Trip

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After a rather long gap, we headed north to Seattle during the President’s Day long weekend last month. With Karthik getting a fever on the eve of the trip and Washington’s infamous weather playing spoilsport at times, the trip wasn’t a complete success but it did have its share of highpoints. We flew to Seattle […]

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Mar 02 2011

The 2011 Oscars

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We had much younger hosts this year with James Franco and Anne Hathaway. But the hope that they would make the show itself hipper and edgier just didn’t materialize. The two cracked very few jokes and worse, none of them raised more than a chuckle. While Hathaway made frequent wardrobe changes, launched into a song […]

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