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Jul 31 2011

Netflix Turnaround

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It wasn’t too long ago that I was a HUGE fan of Netflix. It was a company that could do no wrong in my eyes. While I was hooked on the convenience of their basic service – DVDs by mail – I also admired their pricing model(I was getting 8-10 DVDs for the price of […]

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Jul 27 2011

180 (Nootrenbadhu)

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Urban romances are rare in Tamil cinema and ad-maker-turned-filmmaker Jayendra gives us not one but two such romances in Nootrenbadhu, his first film. The romances are sweet, fun affairs that manage to keep the underlying seriousness at bay but the film gets too heavy for its own good when that seriousness comes to the forefront. […]

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Jul 26 2011


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Hari is one of those directors who doesn’t deviate from his chosen formula and never aims to be versatile. His movies usually take place in a rural setting and always feature a clash between the hero and a powerful bad guy with some romance, comedy and sentiments added for good measure. Venghai finds him once […]

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Jul 24 2011

Deiva Thirumagal

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Though director Vijay has stuck to remakes so far, he has managed to depict the relationships in his movies in a convincing manner, whether its romance between the leads(Madharasapattinam) or affection between a father and son(Kireedam). That ability stands him in good stead in his latest film Deiva Thirumagal, which revolves around the bond between […]

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Jul 23 2011

Cars 2

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Cars ranks somewhat low on Pixar’s list of films with the film not offering the comical highs of Finding Nemo, the cleverness of The Incredibles or the sentimental impact of Toy Story. But it did have its pleasures with a story based on nostalgia, friendship and the discovery of the simple pleasures of life. Cars […]

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Jul 20 2011

India Trip

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While the last few blogging breaks have been due to blogger’s block or self-imposed exiles forced by other priorities like work, this most recent break was brought on by a trip to India. While nostalgia is an important component of all trips back to the homeland, the feeling was particularly strong during this trip as […]

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