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Dec 30 2011


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Tamil cinema usually looks to Telugu cinema for masala films to remake since audience tastes are quite similar between the two languages. The occasional remakes from Hindi, like Kanden Kaadhalai, a remake of Jab We Met, have been romances. So Osthe, a remake of Salman Khan’s hit Dabangg, is a rarity – a Tamil remake […]

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Dec 29 2011

Don 2

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With the original Don not having a sequel, director Farhan Akhtar, who directed the remake of the original, goes with an original story for the sequel Don 2, which continues the saga of Don(Shah Rukh Khan). The film is another example of the phrase Style over Substance, propping up its non-existent story with slick cinematography, […]

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Dec 21 2011

Coming Soon – Rajapattai

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2011 has seen a pretty good mix of star-driven commercial films and more personal, plot- and character-driven films. But its an entry in the former category that is closing the year out as Rajapattai hits screens this Friday. Both hero Vikram and director Suseendran are coming off hits in experimental, non-commercial films and so it […]

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Dec 19 2011

Traffic (Malayalam)

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Traffic is an ensemble film with multiple storylines that come together in unexpected ways. We’ve had films like Sarvam and more recently, Vaanam, that did the same thing but with strong characters given equal importance, unexpected interactions between them and good surprises and suspense, Traffic is a much more accomplished entry in the genre. The […]

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Dec 12 2011

Happy Birthday Rajnikanth!

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2010 was undoubtedly a wonderful year for Rajni fans. The year was filled with anticipation about Enthiran, a constant stream of rumors, photos and snippets about the film that told us how big it was going to be , the actual release of the film, satisfaction about it managing to meet the humungous expectations and […]

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Dec 09 2011


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Sasikumar and Samuthirakani make an interesting team, each of them alternating between directing the other and acting in the other’s movie. After Easan, which saw Sasikumar behind the camera and Samuthirakani in front of it, its the latter’s turn to direct the former in Poraali. It is a well-intentioned film that has a good, feel-good […]

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Dec 07 2011

Coming Soon – Osthe

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Commercial masala entertainers are not coming as frequently as they did before with our top-rung actors like Ajith, Suriya, Vikram, Dhanush and Simbhu willing to branch out into other genres and take on some different roles. Even Vijay, the flag-bearer for masala films, did Kaavalan, a predominantly romantic film, and has just finished the 3 […]

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Dec 05 2011

Dhanush Sing Song

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As an actor, Dhanush has greatly leveraged his down-to-earth personality to find success. Barring misfires like Pudhukkottaiyilirundhu Saravanan and Sullaan, he has consistently picked roles that feature him as a casual, easygoing hero who the guys in the audience can easily relate to.  With his average looks and non-muscular physique, he looks, talks and acts […]

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Dec 01 2011

Reviews Update

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Reviews for Vellore Maavattam, Vedi, Vaagai Sooda Vaa, Sadhurangam, Vithagan, 7aum Arivu, Velayudham and Mayakkam Enna are now online @ the reviews site.

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