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Apr 26 2012


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On weekdays, we hardly get to spend time with the kids. The daily routine allows us only 1 solid chunk of 3 hours, from the time they come home from school to the time they go to bed. That routine has undergone a small shakeup this week as Kavya has gone to something called ‘Outdoor […]

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Apr 24 2012

Rewind Review – Thirudaa Thirudaa

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While Manirathnam has tackled a variety of subjects, most of the director’s films have been driven by emotions rising from strong relationships(even Agni Natchathiram, which can be counted as a masala film, was based on the enmity between stepbrothers). So Thirudaa Thirudaa, a light-hearted, full-length action-comedy, is a departure of sorts for the director. The […]

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Apr 18 2012

Mission Impossible – Ghost Protocol

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After the plot-heavy, twisty series opener, the Mission Impossible franchise has moved away from that model to focus more on action. Mission Impossible – Ghost Protocol, the fourth entry, which sees Hunt(Tom Cruise) and his team(Jeremy Renner, Paula Patton and Simon Pegg), now on their own, pursue a Russian who intends to trigger nuclear war, […]

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Apr 16 2012

The Descendants

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The Descendants tackles serious topics with a refreshing lack of melodrama as it delves into the life of a man tackling everything that life throws at him. Clooney plays a rich lawyer whose wife is in a coma after a boating accident. He learns from his older daughter that his wife was cheating on him […]

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Apr 09 2012

Reviews Update

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Reviews for Kaattuppuli, Naanga, Aravaan, Kazhugu, Maasi and 3 are now online @ the reviews site.

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Apr 04 2012


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Kahaani serves up a perfect mix of thrills and emotions. Vidya Balan plays Vidya Bagchi, a London-based woman whose husband Arnab was on an assignment at the National Data Centre in Kolkata. With Arnab apparently vanishing into thin air a few days after arriving in Kokata, a very pregnant Vidya arrives in Kolkata, where she […]

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Apr 02 2012


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It is quite natural that assistant directors-turned-directors are strongly influenced by their mentors, especially in their early films. So its no surpriseĀ  that 3, the first film of Aishwarya Dhanush, who has worked as assistant director to Selvaraghavan, reminds of one Selvaraghavan’s films in both genre(romantic drama) and structure(passionate romance followed by intense drama). For […]

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