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Jul 31 2012

Vicky Donor

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Sperm donation is a rather taboo topic and so its no surprise that not many Indian movies have dealt with that subject even tangentially(I can remember only one other film, Mohanlal’s classic Dasaratham, which touched our hearts with the emotional fight over the baby between a sperm donor and the woman who carried his child). […]

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Jul 25 2012

Thillu Mullu Remake

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Among older movies being remade today, movies starring Rajnikanth seem to be rather popular. Its not too difficult to understand the reason. The commercially viable story and the original’s box-office success make them easy targets for producers and directors looking for older films to remake. So its no surprise that Billa and Murattu Kaalai, two […]

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Jul 22 2012

The Dark Knight Rises

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With his Batman Begins reboot, director Christopher Nolan restored respect to the comicbook superhero after the campy and silly turn taken by the previous films after Joel Schumacher took over from Tim Burton. He continued the job in The Dark Knight, one of the best superhero films ever and now concludes the trilogy with The […]

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Jul 19 2012

Naan Ee

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Reincarnation is a popular theme in cinema(Arundhathi and Enakkul Oruvan are 2 examples that immediately come to mind) with the predominant storyline in such movies being the reincarnated person avenging the injustice perpetrated on them in their previous life. Director S.S.Rajamouli retains the basic storyline but makes the reincarnated being a fly in Naan Ee. […]

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Jul 17 2012

Billa 2

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While 2007’s Billa technically had no less than 3 inspirations – Amitabh’s original Don, Rajni’s remake Billa and Shah Rukh Khan’s remake/update Don – its follow-up Billa 2 is completely original since unlike Shah Rukh Khan’s Don 2, it is a prequel that shows the path Billa traveled to become one of the most sought-after […]

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