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Oct 30 2012


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Aside from the Lincoln Rhyme books, Jeffery Deaver pens another series that stars Kathryn Dance, an interrogator and body language expert working for the CBI. XO is the third book in that series. The earlier novels featuring Dance weren’t quite as gripping as the Rhyme books but had good stories, some unexpected twists and interesting […]

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Oct 28 2012


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Making a movie out of a true historical event is a double-edged sword. While the real-life connection adds to the emotional impact of the story, the opportunity to generate suspense is muted since the outcome of the event is well-known(unless of course the director is audacious enough to alter history as Tarantino did in Inglourious […]

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Oct 25 2012

English Vinglish

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There have been actresses who tasted success in both Tamil and Telugu cinema but couldn’t make a mark in Hindi cinema. As there have been actresses who fared well in Bollywood but didn’t make it in South Indian cinema. In that respect, Sridevi, who had a prolific and long reign at the top in Tamil, […]

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Oct 23 2012

Nayakan 25

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A strong indicator of a movie’s greatness is how well it stands the test of time. When we watch a movie, there could be many reasons that go beyond what is on screen, for liking it. But time strips away many of these personal reasons and as we watch the film multiple times, we see […]

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Oct 18 2012

The Cabin in the Woods

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Like most genres, horror too has a few basic plot outlines and the success of a movie in the genre depends on how well it generates chills and thrills within the framework of one of these stories. The Cabin in the Woods picks one of the oldest of horror movie tropes as its foundation but […]

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Oct 15 2012


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With films like Kanaa Kanden, Ayan and Ko, K.V.Anand showed us that he was an expert at making masala movies that possessed both style and smarts. With good pacing, well-timed surprises, terrific action sequences, research into his subject matter and balanced emotions, his movies were both intelligent and entertaining. For about half of his latest […]

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Oct 10 2012

Coming Soon – Maattrraan

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Though Vijay kicked off the year with Nanban, the first three-quarters of 2012 was pretty light when it came to movies by our big stars, with the next big one, Billa 2, releasing only in July. That has led to what appears to be a busy last quarter of the year with many movies from […]

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Oct 09 2012

Reviews Update

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Reviews for Attakathi, Naan, 18 Vayasu, Mugamoodi, Paagan, Sundarapandian, Charulatha and Thaandavam are now available on the reviews site.

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Oct 07 2012

How Not To Conduct An Interview

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I’m not a big fan of interviews on TV since the interviewers steer clear of any topics that could be even remotely interesting. Afraid of controversy, they play it really safe and so the interviews are bland and boring with the actor repeating facts he/she has already uttered in a million interviews and praising sky […]

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Oct 04 2012

Boys Do Cry

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My son’s school has a semi-regular thing called ‘Lunch on the Lawn’ where parents are invited to eat lunch with their kids in the yard, like a picnic. I’ve gone to one such lunch with my daughter once a long time ago but have never done it with my son. The latest edition was last […]

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