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Nov 28 2012

Rewind Review – Pesum Padam

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Throughout his career, Kamalhassan has always strived to go where other heroes haven’t. Whether its acting as a blind man, transforming into a midget, becoming a Brahmin woman, appearing very disfigured or acting in 4 roles that interact with one another, he has taken on roles and projects that few other actors have attempted. The […]

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Nov 18 2012


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After the Suraa debacle, Vijay has shown a willingness to work with established directors and step out of his comfort zone with respect to the films and the type of roles he does. He continues the welcome trend in Thuppaakki, where he has teamed up with director Murugadoss and plays an army man who takes […]

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Nov 12 2012

Coming Soon – Thuppaakki, Poda Podi

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Along with new clothes, sweets and fireworks, new movies are an integral part of Diwali. This Diwali too we have a couple of high-profile movies – and a few smaller movies – hitting screens. And though the number of movies seems to be small, there is something for everyone. There’s Vijay-Murugadoss’ Thuppaakki for action fans, […]

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Nov 07 2012

Reviews Update

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Reviews for Pizza, Thiruthani, Maattrraan and English Vinglish are now available on the reviews site.

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Nov 05 2012


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Horror movies in general feel derivative since most of them employ familiar storylines with minor variations and adopt similar techniques to scare us. The situation is worse in Tamil cinema since most of our horror films are either direct remakes of or heavily influenced by films from other languages. Pizza accomplishes the tough job of […]

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Nov 01 2012

Flute Fusion

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Kavya was learning Carnatic music until about a year ago and as long as she was in the music class, she used to sing one of the recent songs she had learned, at the Navarathiri/Golu festivities. She stopped learning music(and a couple of other classes) about a year ago when it became tough to do […]

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