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Feb 28 2013


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Films that revolve around people with some kind of mental disorders tend to be melodramatic and preachy as they illustrate their condition, portray the tough lives they lead and convey messages about treating them with understanding. Aarohanam sidestepped these problems with its sensitive and natural portrayal of a mother afflicted with bipolar disorder and Haridas […]

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Feb 25 2013

The 2013 Oscars

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Its pretty clear that the Oscar producers are struggling to find the right tone for the show. After they opted for familiarity last year with Billy Crystal, they went for the exact opposite this year with their choice of Seth Macfarlane, the man behind TV shows like Family Guy and the film Ted. Seth’s opening […]

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Feb 20 2013


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Director Bejoy Nambiar’s first film Shaitan was a dark and stylish thriller whose fake-kidnapping-gone-wrong story reminded one of a James Hadley Chase novel in the way the well-laid plans of a group of friends fell apart. He follows it up with David, a multi-track film that narrates two tales simultaneously. His sense of style is […]

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Feb 12 2013


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In Raavanan, Mani Ratnam showed us that he was moving away from his usual style of film-making as topical stories gave way to more universal themes and characters were painted with more shades of gray. He goes further down that road in Kadal, his return to cinema that is uniquely Tamil after a few films […]

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Feb 06 2013

Tamil Cinema 2012 – Top 10

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After listing the biggest disappointments of Tamil cinema last year, its time for a much more enjoyable activity – ranking my favorite films of the year. Its quite telling that most films by our top stars made the Bottom 10 list while not a single film from a big star makes this list. 10. Vettai […]

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Feb 04 2013

Tamil Cinema 2012 – Bottom 10

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Amidst the slew of new release, I thought I’d take a break and wrap up the remaining posts that are usually part of the look back at the year before. To get the unpleasant memories out of the way, first is the list of the worst movies of the year. As in the last few […]

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