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Apr 30 2013

Coming Soon – May 1 Releases

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2013 has been pretty lukewarm when it comes to films from our big-league stars with only 2 releases – Vishwaroopam and David – so far and no further releases planned for the summer. But the year has been packed with smaller films, most of which fall somewhere between an event film and one that arrives […]

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Apr 28 2013

Music – A.R.Rahman, Singer – Yuvan Shankar Raja!

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I received the biggest surprise in quite some time on Friday when I saw the above photo tweeted by Bharat Bala, director of the upcoming Dhanush film Mariyaan, which has music by A.R.Rahman. Yuvan clarified things when he tweeted that he had recorded a session with ARR and sung a song for the film. Since […]

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Apr 22 2013

Udhayam NH4

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When it comes to thrillers, aspects like romance, sentiments and character development are usually seen as negatives since they act as speed-breakers that affect the film’s pace. So its ironic that in Udhayam NH4, they end up saving the day. The film is weak on actual thrills but the characterization and the romance are strong […]

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Apr 17 2013

Django Unchained

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With just a few movies, Quentin Tarantino has established a style that is uniquely and unmistakably his own. With unpredictable screenplays, brutal but stylized violence, dark humor and memorable dialogs, his films have been relentlessly entertaining. In Django Unchained, he put his stamp on the Western. More conventional in most aspects when compared to his […]

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Apr 15 2013

Rewind Review – Guru Sishyan

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Though Rajnikanth found his groove as an action-comedy hero with Thambikku Endha Ooru, most of his films after that were predominantly composed of action and drama with comedy restricted to a few extended sequences(like the ‘fly’ sequence in Velaikkaaran). Guru Sishyan was one of the films where comedy was the primary element. Though there is […]

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Apr 11 2013

Reviews Update

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Reviews for Marandhen Mannithen, Chennaieil Oru Naal, Kedi Billa Killaadi Ranga and Settai are now available on the reviews site. Just noticed that after this update, at this point in 2013, there are exactly 3 films in each star category from 1/2 star to 3 stars. How’s that for symmetry!

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Apr 09 2013


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The news that Settai, the Tamil remake of the unapologetically¬† adult Hindi hit Delhi Belly, would be a clean family entertainer led to apprehensions that it would end up like Pavalakkodi or Sila Nerangalil, bland films that copied Hollywood films(There’s Something About Mary and Dead Again respectively) but left out the crucial aspects(the raunchy scenes […]

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Apr 07 2013

RIP – Roger Ebert

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With Roger Ebert’s death last week, Hollywood lost its most well-known critic. A movie reviewer who grew to be much more than that, he will be missed by movie lovers everywhere. Ebert had all those qualities that one finds in a great reviewer. He loved movies, was incredibly knowledgeable about them, was honest about his […]

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Apr 03 2013

Kedi Billa Killaadi Ranga

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In his films Pasanga, Vamsam and Marina, director Pandiraj managed to find the right balance between comedy and sentiments as he made us laugh while narrating stories that had strong emotions also. But that ability has deserted him in his latest venture Kedi Billa Killaadi Ranga. The film drifts aimlessly for the most part and […]

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Apr 01 2013

Chennaieil Oru Naal

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Directors of Tamil remakes of Malayalam films usually fail to replicate the effectiveness of the originals because they exaggerate the simple emotions and add unnecessary masala elements like comedy under the pretext of making it more entertaining(a recent case in point – Kuselan, the remake of Katha Parayumbol). Shaheed Kader, the director of¬†Chennaieil Oru Naal, […]

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