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Feb 29 2016

The 2016 Oscars

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I’ve come to accept that however boring the telecasts have been in the past year(s) and whatever the count of the nominated movies that I’ve actually seen, the Oscar telecast is going to be an evening of must-see television for me. Since the high of seeing ARR hold 2 statuettes in his hands and hearing […]

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Feb 25 2016


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When Gethu opens, we see a skilled assassin(Vikranth) successfully perform a kill and then get tasked with assassinating a leading Indian scientist who rarely steps out of his lab. But he’s not the only person with a mission in the film. We soon learn that Udhayanidhi Stalin, the film’s hero, has his own mission – to transition from […]

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Feb 22 2016

Thaarai Thappattai

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If Rajni Murugan was the latest example of Sivakarthikeyan getting stereotyped in a certain kind of role, Thaarai Thappattai, which was released along with Rajni Murugan, is the latest example of director Bala being stereotyped with respect to the kind of films he makes. The director has stuck to a particular template in most of his films but […]

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Feb 09 2016

Rajini Murugan

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I recently read something to the effect of Sivakarthikeyan leapfrogging over actors who have been around for a decade or more and ascending rapidly to the topmost rung of Tamil cinema stardom – the place occupied by the likes of Rajni, Kamal, Ajith and Vijay. That observation was made based on the BO performance of his films, […]

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Feb 07 2016


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While Bhooloham, which revolves around boxing, immediately invites comparisons to Rocky, which was as much a character-based drama as it was a boxing film, it most resembles Rocky IV, the unabashedly massy, jingoistic film that saw Rocky Balbao take on a Russian boxer in Moscow and beat him after swaying even the Russian viewers to his […]

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Feb 02 2016

Aaluma Doluma Cover

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While I enjoy listening to the songs the kids learn during their flute and violin classes, I just love instrumental versions of our Tamil film songs more. While I wouldn’t call Vedhalam‘s Aaluma Doluma… a huge favorite, I do enjoy listening to the catchy kuthu number. Ever since I noticed the simple tune and minimal […]

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