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Mar 30 2016


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There have been so many recent movies where I felt that the romantic track was completely superfluous and was added solely to justify having a heroine and insert a couple of duets before the story took off. Kanithan does this too but this one film where I felt that the director Santhosh did it because […]

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Mar 28 2016

The 63rd National Film Awards

The 2016 National awards were announced today. What stood out for me immediately was the fact that I was familiar with all the major winners. The lists of winners in the last few years have always been populated by at least a few films in languages like Bengali and even when the films were in Tamil or Malayalam, they […]

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Mar 24 2016

No Batman v Superman

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I rarely go to the theater these days(my last Tamil film on the big screen was Thani Oruvan and my last Hollywood film was Avengers: Age of Ultron). But there were 2 films I planned to enjoy on the big screen in 2016. One was of course Kabali and the other was Batman v Superman, […]

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Mar 23 2016


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If someone unfamiliar with the hierarchy of stardom in Tamil cinema happened to watch Saahasam, they are likely to come out thinking that Prashanth has legions of fans, both men and women, who are ready to clap and whistle for everything he does and also think that he is the smartest and most handsome man […]

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Mar 20 2016


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Playing a cop is the easiest way for a rising star to take a firm step towards becoming a mass hero(Sivakarthikeyan did it recently with Kakki Sattai). But an unfortunate consequence of this step is that once actors taste success in the role, even actors who weren’t averse to taking on different roles never look back and instead move full steam […]

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Mar 15 2016


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I had originally planned a day trip to Petrified Forest National Park from Phoenix but the 3 1/2 drive to the park dissuaded me and so we ended up going to Sedona, which was just an hour away. The drive through Sedona was along the aptly-named Red Rock Scenic byway which was flanked by red rock […]

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Mar 13 2016

Saguaro National Park

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Over the President’s Day long weekend in February, we made a trip to Phoenix to visit family. Naturally, I scouted for day trips close to Phoenix and ended up visiting two nice spots. First on the list was Saguaro National Park. The national park is a little unique in that it is split into two areas […]

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Mar 10 2016

Jil Jung Juk

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Within a few scenes, Jil Jung Juk, produced by Sidharth and directed by debutant Deeraj Vaidy, reminded me of two English movies. A poker game(RJ Balaji has a cameo here) in a seedy club seemed straight out of the Matt Damon starrer Rounders(the game’s end delivers one of the more enjoyable twists in the film, even if it doesn’t […]

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Mar 07 2016

Bangalore Naatkal

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Remakes very rarely surpass the original. So the good remakes simply strive to recapture the spirit that made the original tick while modifying the film minimally to suit local sensibilities while the bad ones display a complete lack of awareness of that spirit and proceed to destroy everything the original stood for with unwise casting […]

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Mar 03 2016

Irudhi Suttru

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Coaches in our sports movies(Naren played one in the recent Eetti) are usually rather one-dimensional since the movies’ focus tends to be on the sportsperson. The coaches are strict and gruff initially, allowed to mellow down later and stand on the sidelines as they cheer our hero on and we hardly learn about their lives away from […]

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