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Sep 14 2016


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Tamil cinema has given us a few different subjects recently but Pichaikaaran still manages to stand out with a rather unique story. Arul(Vijay Anthony), who has returned home after finishing his MBA abroad, has taken over the mills that were being run by his mother. When his mother is injured in a freak accident, a godman asks Arul […]

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Sep 11 2016


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Its pretty obvious that Vikram likes playing dress-up. That has become his calling card as he has gone through a lot to change his appearance and mannerisms to play several completely different characters in movies like Pithamagan, Anniyan and I. So it is a little surprising that he has never played a double role so far in his career. […]

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Sep 07 2016


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Wagah, a big letdown from director GNR Kumaravelan who previously helmed the solid Haridas,  is a silly romance that is set in Kashmir, around the India-Pakistan border. It follows the familiar template of the lovers being separated and then fighting against odds to get back together again. The only difference is that instead of the bloodthirsty […]

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Sep 06 2016

Aarathu Sinam

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Malayalam cinema usually delivers the best thrillers since the films focus on the story without distractions in the form of romance, comedy or songs. Aarathu Sinam, a remake of Malayalam film Memories(it was directed by Jeethu Joseph, who directed Drishyam/Papanasam), remains faithful to the original in content and presents the story without unnecessary distractions. But the […]

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