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Oct 12 2016


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Sivakarthikeyan is racing up the ladder of stardom with a string of hits but one of the problems I have with him is that he is completely stereotyped. As I mentioned in a previous review, if a scene from one his movies plays on TV, it is difficult to identify the film it is from since most of […]

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Oct 10 2016


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Director Vijay’s new movie Devi(L) is billed as a horror-comedy, a popular genre these days. The opening credits, which start with a silhouetted woman with hair blowing in the wind and feature loud music, also point towards a some movie with serious horror elements. But the mere presence of a ghost does not make a horror […]

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Oct 06 2016

Aandavan Kattalai

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Is it really that difficult to find someone who knows English to proofread and correct something that is going to be shown on screen in a movie? Important messages that the movie is planning to convey? Manikandan’s Aandavan Kattalai (the director has been really busy. His Kutrame Thandanai opened just a few weeks ago) opens with […]

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Oct 03 2016


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With director Prabhu Solomon’s fondness for intense love stories and Dhanush’s experience at enacting such roles, their team-up in Thodari was something to look forward to. But the film is an absolute train wreck. It has both romance and action but misplaced comedy ruins every aspect of the film Even if completely unfunny, one can at least say that the comedy […]

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