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Aug 17 2017

Gemini Ganesanum Surulirajanum

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Combining the names of a yesteryear romantic hero and a comedian(from a different era) who is fondly remembered for his unique and distinctive style does lead to a catchy title that is suitable for a romantic comedy. But director Ilavarasu Odam apparently used up all his creative energy in coming up with the title for his film since […]

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Aug 15 2017

Meesaya Murukku

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Meesaya Murukku is the semi-autobiographical tale of Hiphop Tamizha, the musical duo of Adhi and Jeeva that pioneered hiphop music in Tamil. The group initially had a small, niche audience before one of their tracks went viral and its popularity eventually led to full albums and then film music composing gigs. This path is traced […]

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Aug 08 2017

Sangili Bungili Kadhava Thorae

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When I wrote about Maragadha Naanayam, I said that most horror comedies in Tamil cinema followed a standard template with stock elements like a haunted mansion, ghostly apparitions making sudden appearances and a group of comedians evoking laughs by being frightened by the scary images. I might have as well been talking about Sangili Bungili Kadhava […]

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Aug 01 2017


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After the thriller Achamundu Achamundu, director Arun Vaidyanathan switched both language and genre as he made the Malayalam political comedy Peruchazhi. Now he’s back in Tamil with another thriller. The tropes of the serial killer genre are done quite well to make the film entertaining but a few more twists would’ve made it rise about […]

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