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Oct 11 2017


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Rape and revenge dramas can easily cross the line and feel lurid and/or exploitative. But¬†Mom doesn’t feel that way since it treats the subject with the sensitivity it requires. But the revenge part of it pushes it from drama to a masala film. The titular mom is Devki(Sridevi), a stepmom trying hard to earn the […]

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Oct 04 2017

Puriyatha Puthir

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Vijay Sethupathi’s stardom is in a rather mystifying phase. After steadily rising up the ranks with several BO hits, the audience response and his charisma saw many critics and observers anointing him a superstar after Vikram Vedha. But the actor is appearing in so many movies that most of his movies still hit the screens […]

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Oct 02 2017


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Vikram Prabhu plays Guru, a fireman in Neruppuda. He and his 4 friends have dreamed of becoming firemen since they were in school and are now trainees with only a written exam standing in the way of becoming full-fledged firemen. Though the film’s title directly¬†addresses fire and the hero is a fireman, the profession hardly […]

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