May 02 2010

Raavan Trailer

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Whenever I think of individuals who strive to take Tamil cinema to the next level, Kamalhassan and Manirathnam are the two names that immediately pop into my mind. I expect something different, something special in their movies and more often than not, those expectations have been met. I naturally don’t expect anything less from the trailers of the movies those two are associated with. With the new Raavan trailer, my expectations in that department have been met too. With a few scenes expertly edited to give an idea about the story, some absolutely breathtaking shots (Abishek’s dive and slide down the rock are stunners), a sampling of beautiful frames that provide a preview of the stunning cinematography and the gorgeous locales and the high-energy Beera Beera… in the background, the trailer achieves the near-impossible job of making us look forward to the film even more than before!

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  1. Kumar says:

    wow..this is the first time I am seeing the extended version..stunning! I just wish they avoided that shot of Ash coming out the water right after Abhishek jumped in. Looked like he magically transformed into Ash!!

  2. Kumar says:

    also, btw, is that Govinda on top of the hood of the jeep??!!

  3. Vimal says:

    seems like it’ll be a teriffic movie (should be much better than Guru and Yuva/AE..though i liked the latter)..i think the tamil version will be better b/c it has Vikram in the lead (Abhishek is good but Vikram is simply in another league)

    in your list of people who are taking Tamil cinema forward I would add:

    -for his big budget extravaganzas (easily the most lavish films to come out of India) and his production of neo realist ventures (“Kaadhal” kicked off this movement…w/o which we probably wouldn’t have Pasanga…, Subramaniapuram, Veyyil, etc….b/c of its heavy use of first time actors….documentary style filming.)

    and since I mentioned Kaadhal…would have to add Balaji Shaktivel

    -Paruthi Veeran is proving to be one of the most influential films of the past few years (Subramaniapuram wouldn’t have happened w/o it)….Raam is another solid one..and demonstrates his versatility

    -for associating himself with neo realist cinema….directed Subramanipuram, producing Pasanga (Pandiraj will probably join the list if his next venture keeps Pasanga’s standard, and acting in Nadodigal (which I haven’t seen yet but want to)

  4. Vimal says:

    also want to give a shout out to Pandiraj..i think he took all the lessons of the neo-realist movement in tamil cinema and refined it to perfection (by adding greater narrative thrust, likeable/well rounded characters, comedy and warmth) in Pasanga…i film that I feel is only rivaled by Kannathil Muthamittal and Kutty in the 2000’s.

  5. ram says:

    AWESOME trailer! in addition to the ones u mentioned, the shot of the person (vikram?) dangling from the bridge (at the 1:17 – min point) was also breathtaking!

  6. Movie Buff says:

    Vikram has the tougher role – he plays the good guy in Hindi and plays the negative role (Abhishek’s) in Tamil (Prithviraj plays the good guy in Tamil). Several of these shots are said to have been filmed simultaneously for the Hindi/Tamil/Telugu versions. It will be interesting to see if it enhances or impedes Vikram’s ability to stay in character. There is a smaller Tamil trailer with Vikram on youtube. Also exciting is his foray into Hindi. As will be Surya’s in RGV’s Rakta Charitra.

  7. Balaji says:

    Kumar, yes thats Govinda. Rumors said he plays the role of Hanuman(with Karthik donning the equivalent role in Tamil). His body language seems to suggest that’s true.

    Vimal, I think its a bit too early for Pandiraj but the rest, definitely. And after AO, Selva belongs on the list too.

    ram, oh yeah, the logistics of that shot must’ve been mind-boggling.

    Movie Buff, yes its really rare(maybe first time ever?) for an actor to play two different roles in a film’s versions. I’m real curious to see how he carried it off.

  8. bart says:

    Bowled over.. Thanks. Songs (atleast 3 of them) are brilliant and now this is too good. Waiting for June 18.

  9. Vimal says:

    i must say…i’m not liking the music…which is rare for me as I’m a huge ARR fan…however it may gel well with the movie…there have been Mani soundtracks that have done this Nayagan (barring Thenpandi of course)….musically, def. the weakest of the ARR-Mani combo….

  10. Nikitha says:

    I feel the trailer gives too much of the story away. If I didn’t know any of the back story, I would have been blown away by what was happening on screen.

    But, since we all know Rama’s story, I’m already getting a sense of the narrative structure.

    But, otherwise technically brilliant trailer.

  11. Bhaskaran says:

    Vimal, the ppl you have mentioned for ‘taking tamil cinema beyond …’ are all recent; Kamal and MR are the pioneers as early as late 70’s and early 80s. The others followed their foot steps; thats probably why Balaji has mentioned them exclusively. I also think that Balu Mahendra did contribute to a certain extent when the other leading directors were presenting their movies in ‘loud’ tones, subtlety was BM’s forte, some thing which was unusal then.

  12. Vimal says:


    You are right. However, I still feel Shankar should be on the list as he has been in the industry since the mid ’90s. He was probably the first person to make Tamil movies which had the biggest budgets in India.

    Another contender may be Mahendran. I’ve only seen his Uthiti Pookal but themetically and treatment wise it’s a film miles ahead of its time (even when you compare it to Malayalam films of the time….as Malayalam films had some very good scripts in the ’80s and ’90s).