May 26 2010

Coming Soon – Singam

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2010 has already seen films from both Ajith and Vijay, neither of which performed well. This Friday sees the next big ‘star release’, this time from our most reliable star Suriya. With his steadily-rising star status and track record, Singam, his  third teaming with Hari has understandably raised a lot of expectations.

Among the big stars of the post Rajni-Kamal era, Suriya probably leads the pack today. He may not have the biggest fan base  and his movies may not deliver the best opening but where it matters – consistency at delivering hits – he has little competition. His last 3 releases, Vaaranam Aayiram, Ayan and Aadhavan have all been hits with Ayan in particular being a mega-hit. I don’t think any other actor can claim that kind of a track record. Singam is his 25th film and he will be hoping that his silver jubilee film is another big hit that solidifies his position.

Suriya has really grown as an actor. Since Nandhaa, his watershed movie, he has grown from strength to strengh, performing many different roles and chalking up several hits. After the variety of roles he did, it was a little distressing to see him take on another masala film in Singam but his next two films, RGV’s trilingual Raktha Charithra and Murugadoss’ Ezhaam Arivu, show us that he’s not sticking to the masala route. So we can look forward to Singam knowing that we won’t be seeing him play the mass masala hero for a while after this.

Hari made a solid entry into Tamil cinema with one of the best films in the ordinary guy-turns-rowdy genre, Thamizh and followed it up with the blockbuster Saamy but has never scaled the heights he reached in those 2 films. He has since then given us mostly average fare like Ayya, Thamirabharani and Vel but there have also been duds like the crude and violent Aaru and the unbearably melodramatic Seval. Singam is Hari’s 10th film and his first film since Saamy where the hero is a cop. While expecting Singam to equal that might be hopeless considering the quality of his recent efforts, I would be happy if it atleast equals Vel, his previous film with Suriya, on the entertainment scale.

Singam sees Suriya pairing with Anushka for the first time. While this is sure to be another featherweight role for the tall, pretty actress, it will be interesting to see if the two share good chemistry. Prakashraj plays the villain and the cast includes other Hari film regulars like Vijayakumar. Devi Sriprasad has come out with an average album with Kaadhal Vandhaale… being quite catchy.

Let’s Asal ending up rather fake and Suraa showing no bite, let’s hope Singam roars loudly this weekend.

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  1. dotsays says:

    loved your last line the best :-)

  2. Jey says:

    Dont you think this line is a bit confusing

    “Among the big stars of the post Rajni-Kamal era, Suriya probably leads the pack today. He may not have the biggest fan base and his movies may not deliver the best opening”

    What made Rajini and Kamal stand apart from the other heroes of that gen was their bigger fan base and the openings their movies have.Yes I agree Suriya has been consistent off late.He’s having a golden run but to lead the pack,he still has a long way to go.

    With Sarath Saxena mentioning in Singam’s audio release that Vettaikaaran collected more than Ayan,Suriya still has a long way to climb to be called the Numero Uno leaving aside Rajini and Kamal.Vettaikaaran-a dumbo from Vijay,collecting more than Ayan-which is supposedly Suriya’s biggest commercial hit speaks a lot

  3. Sandya says:

    Balaji, I’m surprised that you didn’t speak about the ‘air up there’ difference between Anushka and Surya.. and people were thinking that she was much taller than Vijay.. they have another thing coming altogether on Friday! 😉

  4. APALA says:


    I think Suriya is making a conscious effort to reach to the so called “B, C” centers with movies like Aaru, Vel and now Singam. I am happy that he is not sticking to this route by taking up movies like Rakths Charithra and Yezham arivu…………..

    Jey, Sarath Saxena is trying to live the lie of declaring Vettaikaran a huge hit by claiming things without proof………….So don’t read too much into what he is saying, I would say.

  5. Louella says:

    Vel hasn’t got an avarage fare, it was a super hit :)
    I’m bit worried that Singam won’t be that super-duper hit I expect, but after Sura and Asal, both average which I didn’t liked even a bit, I wish for some shameless masala entertaiment.

  6. suryafan says:

    watever saxena said about vettaikaran beating ayan record is all lies, ayan colllected about 7.89 crore in chennai alone, and vettaikaran wuz just 5 crore. saxena is just saying that cuz probably vijay’s dad wuz there, and 4 him not 2 be jealous at how surya is beating vjay now. if vettaikaran beat ayan then how cum vijay got a red card for all previous movees becoming flops, and they also claimed that vettikaran wuz flop, after selling it for crores of money

  7. Jey says:

    Had he done that on a function which featured Vijay,I wouldnt have taken it seriously.
    But he had no reason to say that there at that function featuring Suriya.

    Suriya too was surprised and he mentioned that during his speech

  8. Srivatsan says:

    Vettaikaran, Sura ayyo kadavule :-) Surya is hands down better of the lot. With our Hari promising not many scenes will defy logic, this film should at least be an average grosser

  9. Srivatsan says:

    BB, rare typo on the last line

  10. Sindu says:

    Watched the movie last night it was amazingggg the best that has come out off late. And surya does have a big fan base you only have ask any girl to know that. Looking froward to your review.

  11. Sandya says:

    Whatever Sarath Saxena supposedly said, may very well have been to underplay the hype that they had generated for Singam. After all, too much of hype can only result in disaster. Maybe it was meant to get folks to settle down instead of flying intoxicated with the audio event and slam bang marketing that Sun Pictures have already been involved in. After all, they already have been once-bitten with Sura and if anything, their marketing was by far the worst for that film (of course, indicating very clearly the overall quality of the film as well!).. I’m not so sure if indeed Saxena is lying, but if he is, it makes some sense that he did.

    If indeed Vettaikkaran earned more than Ayan, is it really the third highest grosser in Tamil Cinema after Sivaji and Dasavatharam? (as it has been claimed at least by K.V.Anand so far!).. Is that even remotely possible?.. If you released a film like Ghilli today, maybe.. but Vettaikaaran.. oh, come on..

  12. Balaji says:

    dotsays, thanx :)

    Jey, both the fan base and the openings are from the already-existing fans who can fill up the theaters for the first couple of weeks. but its consistency that will matter in the long run. rajni and kamal stood apart because they consistently gave big hits and not just because of their fan base or their film opening, right?

    Sandya, I’m sure they’ll find ways to make it not so apparent on screen :)

    APALA, yes, as an actor he has to make movies that appeal to all sections of the audience and so these movies do make sense from that standpoint.

    Louella, I was just talking about the quality of the film and not the box-office verdict :)

    Srivatsan, saw that. but its not so rare these days, esp. when I do these late-night posts. will try to be more careful :)

    Sindu, planning to catch it Sunday night. review should be online mon or tue.

  13. ram says:

    looks like singam is strictly for hardcore suriya fans…sify’s verdict is “paisa vasool” though the review suggests that its barely watchable…

  14. skandadeva2 says:

    never trust sify’s review, they have always given good reviews for “vetaikaran”, “suraa”, “villu”, “aadhavan”, so u should know how substandard thier reviews are. They seem to have ‘soft’ spot for Vijay’s films dunt know why…

  15. Balaji Sivaraman says:

    I saw the movie yesterday and would definitely say it is one of the most watchable masala movies in recent times, much better than Vettaikaran, Asal or Sura. Although Surya fans will have more the cheer about than others, it still offers pure old-fashioned fun for everyone. And the best thing is that almost everyone I have spoken to have mentioned the same thing. The movie has very good word-of-mouth to go along with Sun Pictures’ backing.

    What also surprises me is the consistency with which Surya is delivering hit-after-hit as BB has mentioned. The only really below-average movie was Aadhavan, and even that was better than the aforementioned movies. Singam is much better than Aadhavan. The first half is a bit slow but the second half provides some of the best action-masala out there. And, I do have to mention this, the comedy is definitely very unfunny, and Vivek has poorly tried to imitate Vadivelu from Marudhamalai.

    I would say Singam is definitely worth-a-watch once.

  16. bart says:

    Saw the movie on Sat morning. Total unapologetic deep-fried masala movie after a long long time.. Made my weekend. More comments after bb’s thots.
    Singam will most likely be the vasool king of the year…

  17. Balaji Sivaraman says:

    BTW, just to add, anyone who thinks that Sura or Vettaikaran had a better BO run than Ayan is just kidding themselves. Fact is that the Theater Owners Association has asked Vijay for a very huge compensation for three consecutive mega-flops, and if he doesn’t cough it up, none of his future films will be taken up for release. No such problems has come up for Surya which is more than enough proof of his BO consistency, even though no huge shouts are made about it.

  18. Asura says:

    “Fact is that the Theater Owners Association has asked Vijay for a very huge compensation for three consecutive mega-flops, and if he doesn’t cough it up, none of his future films will be taken up for release.”

    I hope he doesn’t cough it up. And BTW, it was five flops, not three. Truly a “mass” flopper, our dalapathi.

  19. skandadeva2 says:

    Vijay alone cannot be blamed for the failure of his movies, blame goes to the producers for signing up the hero for a high price and latter on selling the product for a higher price to compensate the price he paid. The distributers have equal for buying it at a high price. Offcourse Vijay takes the blame also for signing up films with no storyline, logic and talentless directors.

  20. Anon says:

    All of you guys sound like hardcore Surya fans and hardcore vijay haters! You must remeber that Vijay was much much popular even before surya originated! Surya used to get bac kup from vijay a lot of times…also, his popularity immensely rose after he married Jo! Believe me, i personally like surya better than vijay but from the wayyou guys loath vijay, i felt someone needed to defend him!!!! he was made a star long time back and has a responsibility towards his fan base which he has been well misguided into believing…so, stop being harsh on him…surya on the other hand can try any kind of movie as he is yet to become a superstar.