May 31 2010

Its a Jungle Out There!

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Though Tamil cinema, with movies like Singam, Penn Singam and Singam Puli, is beginning to resemble a jungle, this post is actually not cinema-related. After the jigsaw puzzle phase, the kids and I are now in the wooden animal puzzle phase. We first purchased these puzzles (at Michaels, the arts & crafts store) so that Kavya and her friends could have something fun to do at her birthday party last year. But we recently bought a few more for us to do and they are turning out to be an activity that both the kids and I really enjoy.

dino The puzzles come in packages that contain 2-4 wooden sheets each. These sheets contain the shapes that make up the animal embedded in them and these pieces have to be cut out first.

koalaThe instructions are the same for all the packages though. The edges of the pieces that have to be interlocked are numbered with combinations of letters and numbers. So pairs of these have to be matched up. This was a bit confusing the first time but once we got the hang of it, it became a lot simpler. And though it is simple, its nice to see the animal gradually taking shape from a bunch of wooden pieces.

eagle After the animal is ready, we paint it. This, apart from making them look nicer, helps the pieces stick together once the paint dries. The kids paint the easier pieces while I paint the hard-to-reach places and the ones that require a little more precision. We painted the first puzzle, the dinosaur, with just one color. We got a bit more ambitious with the koala, using three colors and for our latest project, the bald eagle, we ended up using 4 colors.

I am always looking for fun projects that help me spend a few hoursĀ  with the kids during the weekends. These wooden puzzles fit the bill perfectly. A few more of these and our garage is gonna look like a wooden jungle!

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  1. Sreela says:

    wow, these are very nice. I too tried these with Nitin and didn’t have much success. We should give it another shot..

  2. ram says:

    bb, the wooden puzzles look really cool! and, from your description, it sounds like the process of putting them together was as much fun – if not more – as viewing the end result!