Jun 14 2010

Kola Kolayaa Mundhirikka

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Apart from the kinds of movies he is acting in, the other problem with Sundar.C turning into an actor is that no other directors took over his spot to direct the kind of comedy capers(like Ullathai Alli Thaa or Naam Iruvar Namakku Iruvar) that he specialized in. Madhumita would seem to be a rather surprising candidate for that slot considering that she previously gave us the Mouna Raagam clone Vallamai Thaaraayo. But with solid support from Crazy Mohan, she does a nice job in Kola Kolayaa Mundhirikka, delivering a clean, fun romp.

When a zamindar wishes to safeguard his diamonds from his partner Veerappan(Anandraj), he hides them in one of his four chairs and gifts the chairs to four different households. His wife and he are killed shortly thereafter, orphaning their child Krish and the whereabouts of the chairs are lost. Several years pass before the zamindar’s servant(Delhi Ganesh), informs a conman Krish(Karthik Kumar) about the location of the first chair. Karthik teams up with a conwoman Veni(Shikha) to grab the diamonds. Meanwhile Veerappan, who overheard the address, is also after the diamonds while a bungling cop Mathrubootham(Jayaram) joins the chase soon under the impression that the chair contains a microchip.

Director Madhumita mentioned in her pre-release interviews that the movie’s real hero was Crazy Mohan and she wasn’t kidding. Mohan dips into his inexhaustible bag of humor and comes up with a string of quips, one-liners, kadi jokes and wordplays that keep us smiling or chuckling most of the time. His script here doesn’t rise to the level of his best work – his many collaborations with Kamalhassan, one of which, Panchathanthiram, is explicitly referenced – but many of his jokes, like the confusion between ‘call’ and the tamil kaal, the Kausalya-maattu ponnu bit and the play on words like Singh and Sikh, are both clever and funny.

The story’s main task is to let Crazy Mohan the opportunity to let the jokes fly and it does that job well enough. With a treasure hunt, conmen, inept gangsters and bungling cops, it has the elements needed for a good farce and puts them to good use. The comic setpieces, like Jayaram’s interrogation of a beggar or the stage playwill multiple Narasimha avatars, are also funny by themselves and create a good foundation for Crazy Mohan to build his jokes on.

The film starts on a serious note with a couple of murders and an orphaned kid(the shot of the kid’s bloody footprints, which is in stark contrast to the footprints laid a few minutes ago to mark Krishna Jayanthi, wouldn’t be out of place in a dark thriller). But after that, it turns into a comic romp without a single moment of seriousness. The film does resemble a series of comic skits put together and things are carried a bit too far with the deaf judge in the climax. But there is a nice, unexpected surprise in the end that shows that some thought did go into the story.

Karthik Kumar does a good job. He overdoes the expressions sometimes but has the likeability and energy required to carry off the role. Shikha appears quite comfortable before the camera and shows good comic timing. Jayaram’s comic abilities have never been in doubt and he displays it again here in the role of the cop. M.S.Bhaskar has a number of good one-liners and is missed when he is shunted off to jail for most of the film. One of our big stars has a cameo but though his role of a chair collector is a little over-the-top, he plays it quite straight.

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  1. anon says:

    To be honest bb, I thought the movie was another mumbai express!!!!! Did not laugh out loud at even one dialogue in the movie and Jayaram(whom I usually like a loy) was a total disaster. Dont think I have ever disagreed so much about any of your writeups till now other than this one! WOW!No offense,but, did you actually watch the movie??????


  2. ram says:

    bb, i have to agree with anon…but then again, comedy is very subjective…with KKM, i liked the first half with its funny, PUNny oneliners like the “mullu” scene, etc…but the second half was a complete mess, i thought…and yeah, i didnt find even a single scene with jayaram even remotely funny…i thought ms bhaskar and anandraj were inspired casting choices who did very well…on the whole, two stars (out of four!) from me…