Aug 30 2010

Kollywood Reunion

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[Pic Courtesy Sify]

High school and college reunions are always fun affairs as they give us a chance to meet some of our best friends and relive some of the best years of our lives. Suhasini and Lissy have taken that idea to Kollywood by hosting a party for stars who worked during the 80s. They first held the party last August and it must’ve been fun for the attendees since the second edition of the party, which was held just a couple of days ago, was just as well-attended – and had a few new attendees.

The photo provides a chance for us to test our own memory of the 80s and I believe I recognize everybody on there except for one. I see (from L to R, back to front)

Shankar(Oru Thalai Raagam hero), Mukesh, Bhanuchander, Ambika, Shobana, Radhika, Sumalatha, Nadhiya, Karthik, Prabhu, Mohan, Ambarish, Radha, Pratap Pothan, Lissy, Suresh, Suhasini, Arjun, Sarathkumar, Mohanlal, Chiranjeevi, Venkatesh, Kushboo, Purnima Jayaram, Ramya Krishnan, Rajnikanth…

Which leads me to the question – Who is the actor sitting on the floor on Rajni’s left?

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  1. Sandya says:

    That actor is Naresh, also known as Vijaya Naresh. I happened to find all this info because I’m a huge Mahesh Babu fan and was reading up dutifully at wikipedia about him. Turns out he is Mahesh Babu’s step brother.. take a look here:

    I did an image search in Google with “Vijaya Naresh”.. the pic resembles the guy next to Rajini!.. Not bad for detective work, eh?! :)

  2. Arun says:

    Too bad Kamal hassan is missing…

  3. ram says:

    yep, must’ve been a nice trip down memory lane for the stars as well…a piece of trivia: did you know that Suresh was supposed to do Aravind Swamy’s role in Roja? It was date conflicts that prevented him from taking up the role…he mentioned this in an interview around the time of asal’s release…paavam, Roja hero ipo sottathalaiyode alaiyaraan, Suresh ena-naa motta motta molagu saar-nu thiriyaraan…elaam neram!

  4. apala says:

    As long as Ms. Suhasini stays as the master-brain for this event, Kamal Haasan would not be invited!!!!!!!! (I don’t think she is in talking terms with her chiththappa!).

  5. Bee says:

    LOL@ram’s comments 😉 How about Saritha, Satyaraj & Prabhu, are they not the 80’s era actors?

  6. Sandya says:

    apala, I don’t think there is any friction anymore between Suhasini and Kamal.. At least, they don’t go about turning faces away from each other in public anymore. I doubt that has anything to do with Kamal not attending! :(

    Bee, wasn’t Prabhu in this photo?! Second row (standing folks), between Karthik and Mohan?!

  7. apala says:

    Hi Sandya,
    if that’s true then, good!!! I always thought that she was one of the main reasons for Kamal and Mani not coming together again (it came so close to reality in Iruvar (MGR), then Kamal said “Dates and the Rates were not right”!!) Mani and Kamal stay friends but distanced themselves from each other mainly ’cause of Suhasini — insider info!!!!!!

  8. skanda says:

    apala, remember reading sometime back about the feud between Kamal and Maniratnam. It seems Kamal was peeved coz Mani got more accolades than Kamal from the media when Nayagan released. They made Mani some sort of an angel. Also Kamal didint get to ghost direct this film … Morever when Suhashini married Mani, Kamal’s first wife Vani supported the marriage. So these has created fiction between Kamal and Mani-Suhashini. But then heard that they were suppose to come together in 2001, there was some articles written about it, but latter on rumors died down.

  9. Sandya says:

    Balaji, totally unrelated! Did you notice the really small ad for Bale Pandiya that says in USA from Sep 03 in the Behindwoods website opening page? Can’t find any info in any of the regular sites!

  10. avanthika says:


    I watched an interview of Kamal 3-4 yrs back where Mani talked highly about Kamal (hosted by Gauthami in SUN TV) –

    Also check this out –

  11. apala says:

    Few corrections: Kamal was not peeved @ Mani but his brother GV who made comments like Nayagan would have been a bigger hit with a bigger star…….and stuff like that! Kamal never had any feud with Mani ………… in fact Kamal gave many of his movie scripts to Mani to read including that of Thevar Magan on which Mani went ga-ga!(I don’t know whether you know this or not: When Kamal decided to do Muktha Srinivasan’s film, he told him to just produce and let Mani (just a couple of films old) to direct it, then he would give bulk dates and concentrate on only this film. Muktha agreed and Nayagan happened. But at the closing stages, Mani’s brother GV bought it completely from Muktha S.)

    Another Correction: Mani told Kamal first about his love for Suhasini. And for their wedding Kamal was not invited (or got a card in the poast or something) — in one of his earlier interviews Kamal himself mentioned about the same and said he had tears becuase he was so much a part of Suhasini’s growing-up days (dropping her at college in his motor-cylce to woo the girls there was a famous one!!!).

    So don’t make a villain out of Kamal!!!

  12. Bee says:

    @ Sandya: how did I miss out Prabhu? :) thx for pointing out!

  13. Bee says:

    Balaji, Thalaivar ponnu kalyanattukku neenge pogaliya? 😉

  14. Sandya says:

    Bee, I’m sure Balaji was more than willing to go, but didn’t get the veLLi thattu with vethalai paakku invitation that he was expecting! 😉

  15. prasanth says:

    No Revathi? =(

  16. Sriram says:

    Where is Gabtun? TR? waat ees dhis? :)

  17. Sandya says:

    Prasanth/Sriram, too many prominent people are missing.. can’t even begin to keep count! 😀

  18. prashanth says:

    Indeed, but I was just wondering since Revathi was there at the last years one =)

    However, the absence of Kamal Hassan is certainly the big hole in the wall.

  19. avanthika says:

    Saritha is missing!

  20. Balaji says:

    Sandya, very impressive detective work indeed! But now that you’ve told me who he is, I don’t feel bad about not recognizing him!
    will be really surprised if ‘Bale Pandiya’ is screened here. Haven’t heard anything about it and until u mentioned, didn’t see the ad either.

    Arun, yep that was my first thot too.

    ram, nope, didn’t know that. but its kinda tough to believe too. considering he wasn’t in the movie scene at that time and Mani introduced Arvind Swamy in ‘Thalapathy’…

    apala, always knew there was some bad blood between them but never knew what.

    avanthika, who is Nanda, btw?

    Bee, considering how many actors were around in the 80s, its not surprising that so many are missing. I think Kamal, Satyaraj and Vijayakanth are the big stars missing.
    as for thalaivar ponnu’s wedding, edho nalla nadandhaa sari :)

    prashanth, yeah Revathi was definitely big during the 80s. didn’t realize she was the last party…

  21. avanthika says:


    Nanda is Suhasini’s son!

  22. bart says:

    Quite some big names are missing. But the odd ppl in this list are Sarath and Kushboo (both belong to 90’s more).

  23. Sirisha says:

    Hi…am new here…been reading your stuff…its great! Nice meeting you :)

    Wanted to drop a note about Naresh..he’s a telugu actor…done some good work here in Andhra….more like a Bhagyaraj of Telugu cinema…

  24. casino says:

    i know why Vijaykanth didint want to come…coz Vijaykanth does not want to wear ‘black’ as he would be invincible after that. Morever he cannot wear his trademark white dhoti and shirt for this, as theme of the party is Black..

  25. chitra says:

    Actually Suhasini praised Kamal like anything post Dasa release – hasini pesum padam. I really dont know what is wrong between them – Last year when YG family honored Kamal, suha came to the row where Kamal was and chatted with him. I wish Mani takes the extra efforts to work with Kamal again – their combo can rock!