May 26 2011

Super Mario Galaxy 2

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When I wrote about a dip in my blogging frequency due to the World Cup and the impending TN elections back in March, I also mentioned two distractions closer to home. The first of those was the new camera, the EOS 60D. The second was the Wii game Super Mario Galaxy 2.

I definitely wouldn’t call myself a gamer since I play so few video games. But when I do start playing a game, I become completely addicted to it, unable to let go until I finish the game. Back in college, I was hooked on Prince of Persia(the PC version), playing it until I could guide the prince past all the levels and to the princess while scarcely glancing at the screen. When the first Playstation came out, I played Crash Bandicoot and Gran Turismo quite a bit.

After I bought the Wii, I got by playing just tennis on the Wii Sports CD that came along with the console. Then I got introduced to Super Mario Galaxy. Throwing Nintendo’s popular character Mario into space, it had him fly from planet to planet, collecting gold stars from all the galaxies on each planet. The galaxies were somewhat like obstacle courses with some of them featuring villains that Mario had to beat. Mario got some superpowers too on some galaxies, giving him the ability to shoot fire, turn water into fire, etc.  There were a total of 120 stars though 60 stars were enough to rescue the princess. It was a smart, funny and completely addictive game and I managed to collect 80 stars.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 upped the ante. The basic premise remained the same with Mario needing 60 stars to save the princess and 120 stars total. There were a few more villains and Mario got some new powers but those weren’t the biggest change. Once those 120 gold stars were gotten, there were another 120 green stars to be collected. These were hidden at various, difficult-to-reach points in the same galaxies. Collecting all the 240 stars opened up the final Grandmaster galaxy which had 2 more stars for a grand total of 242 stars. Unlike SMG 1, I kept playing SMG 2 even after rescuing the princess. After months of playing, I finally collected the 242nd star today, completing the game 100%.

The popular opinion is that SMG 2 is the best game for the Wii and playing it showed me why. It was a colorful, clever game that provides hours of gameplay and is a must-play for any Wii owner.

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  1. RamMmm says:

    :-) :-) My daughter is hooked into it. I struggle with the car racing game from Super Mario Bros as my reflexes are too bad.

  2. srivatsan says:

    Off topic, I was hoping to see article about Super Star considering the health issues he is going through and lots of rumors about the same :-(

  3. prabhu says:

    Balaji,Have you heard Rajini’s voice? Though he sounded humble as usual,it was very depressing to hear such a terribly weak voice of him… GOD only should give him the power and energy to get cure and recover from this ill state soon…

  4. Prabhu says:

    Today, in press meet,danush says Rajini is recuperating quickly and he will be back to chennai within 10 days. He confirms that RANA is definitely on and shooting will go on as planned…

  5. Ram says:

    bb, very nice write-up…I liked the way you conveyed your enthusiasm and the vivid descriptions of how you got to the 242 stars…I actually was surprised how much I enjoyed this write-up given how it’s probably been 15 years since I’ve played a video game!