Sep 11 2013

Varuthapadaadha Vaalibar Sangam

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Varuthapadaadha Vaalibar Sangam gives TV anchor-turned-actor Sivakarthikeyan another chance, this time without the sentiments or drama that invaded his earlier films Edhirneechal and Kedi Billa Killaadi Ranga,  to parade his comic talent. A simple, straightforward film that relies more on its dialogs than the screenplay to earn laughs, it works as a harmless albeit unmemorable diversion.

The film opens with Sivanandi(Sathyaraj) admitting to the police that he killed his own daughter for eloping with someone. As he leads the police to the place of the killing, we learn about the events leading up to it. His daughter Lathapandi(SriDivya) was initially just the courier for Bosepandi(Sivakarthikeyan), carrying his love letters to her teacher Kalyani(Bindu Madhavi). But when Bosepandi unwittingly helps cancel the wedding Lathapandi was being forced into, she falls for him. Soon Bosepandi, having been spurned by Kalyani, also falls for her but they both know that Sivanandi would never agree to their wedding.

Though it is a full-length comedy, VVS doesn’t have any big set pieces that invoke laughs. But it does keep us smiling most of the time with its dialogs(penned by director Rajesh, the director of SMS, BEB and OKOK) that are littered with jokes. The jokes cover a wide spectrum with regular quips traded by Sivakarthikeyan and Soori, occasional employment of English, political jabs(as when Siva and Soori argue over leadership of their organization), movie in-jokes(like the jab at ‘Kaadhal’ Dhandapani) and visual gags(as when Siva and Soori monkey around with Sathyaraj’s rifle).

Unlike films like Pattathu Yaanai and Desingu Raja, VVS is a light-hearted venture that maintains a consistent comic tone throughout. Though it starts off with hints of an honor killing, this is no Gauravam. As Sathyaraj has a group of four lackeys to lighten things up and Sivakarthikeyan brushes off Bindu Madhavi’s rejection in a single scene, the movie reveals its intentions and tone early enough. And it sticks to the tone as romance, drama, sentiments and even pathos are all handled with humor and things are never allowed to get serious. In fact the film’s funniest piece of dialog happens when Sivakarthikeyan is down in the dumps over SriDivya’s impending wedding the next morning.

The jokes work well initially. Though Sivakarthikeyan’s characterization as a carefree youth without any goals or ambition is similar to the portrayal of heroes in many other movies, his association with an organization makes it unique(it helps that the organization’s  hoardings are very funny). The light-hearted approach also helps the romance which is developed in cute fashion. But the reliance on just funny dialogs leads to monotony as the story progresses. Without much drama in the encounters between Sivakarthikeyan and Sathyaraj and with the movie relying on overused cliches(like the drunk, blame-the-girl song), the film hits a rough patch. Thankfully, it regains its footing at the end as the culmination of Sathyaraj’s flashback, though unsurprising, has its share of good jokes.

Sivakarthikeyan puts his great comic timing to good use. He delivers the jokes perfectly and is able to elevate some non-jokes purely because of his dialog delivery, expression and body language. SriDivya is cute and matches Siva when it comes to good timing and casual dialog delivery. Sathyaraj is able to find the right balance between seriousness and comedy initially though his character moves more into broad comedy in the second half. Soori makes a good team with Sivakarthikeyan. He has his fair share of jokes and makes them work. imman delivers another soundtrack with rustic, catchy tunes. Oodha Coloru Ribbon… is a winner with its immediately catchy tune and very funny words.

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  1. Kuttybear says:

    Thank you, BB! Tomorrow is our day off being our wedding anniversary. I was hoping to see your review for this film before taking hubby to see it and you have such perfect timing :) Sounds like a nice light-hearted entertainment. I like Sivakarthikeyen’s comedy since it is usually clean and is not overtly loud. Looking forward to seeing it. Thanks again!

  2. ram says:

    am very happy for siva karthikeyan that this is turning out to be a hit…from ur review, it sounds like this is the kinda movie that the audience seems to be lapping up these days…that, as long as there are a few laughs, the movie will do well…

    i just hope that siva (and, for that matter, vimal) evolves a little more…their comedy styles are proving to be a little repetitive…

  3. Sandya says:

    Balaji, just realized that you haven’t reviewed Neram yet. Any reason why not?! :)

  4. Kuttybear says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed the film. With no solid story it did seem to lose it’s charm a bit after the half way point. But, it still was entertaining due to it’s funny dialogues. Most in-jokes were lost to my hubby due to his non-Tamil background. But he totally enjoyed the visual-gags and much of the movie. Goes to show that the movie will be well received by any one who is looking for a light hearted fare. He did say that Siva reminded him of Vijay at certain portions during the dances. Wishing Siva all the success and thanks for the review!

  5. Balaji says:

    Kuttybear, belated wishes for your anniversary. Glad both of you enjoyed the movie. Your 2 lines about the film sum it up perfectly!

    ram, yes comedy is having a good run these days and this was 1 of the cases where it was done well. And yes, Siva does need to do something different sooner rather than later.

    Sandya, I haven’t updated the reviews site in a while but I did review Neram on the blog here

  6. Sandya says:

    I checked only the reviews section and not the blog! My bad! 😉

  7. killer says:

    I went out at intermission and never went back — way too slow, the jokes were not fast enough in coming to make up for the boring story, the characters were so bland. Sivakarthikeyan’s teeth do not qualify for the number of smiling closeups he got.

    I’m not sure why you say he “unwittingly” stops the heroine’s marraige, since he goes to the police to ask them to stop it.

  8. shivaji says:

    I would say the movie was below average…
    Jokes were below average..However Siva karthikeyan’s acting was good…wouldnt recommend this movie….Enjoyed the song intha ponnungalae…

  9. Prasad says:

    Your reviews have multiple effects on the readers. For some it is a cue to whether or not to watch the movie. For some, it is like a reflection of their views. Something they felt but didn’t know how to put in words. In this, the best part is when they see their views coincides with yours, it kind of feels really nice. And for some, your reviews helps to understand and appreciate movies as such. And for those who want to make movies or write reviews, they can sure pick up ideas as to how their movie/writing should be. Of course there might be some wondering when will you grow up..! Thinking on these lines, i guess would have missed some too.

    Being a sincere follower of your blog for years, I’ve felt a bit of each that I’ve mentioned on different times. All in all, your blog is a good stopover for those who love movies. And a big respect for the continous effort.

  10. krithika says:

    It was an okay movie I thought.. Satyaraj was good. He is turning out to be a great “character” artist… Never cared for him much as a hero anyway! Time pass!

  11. Balaji says:

    killer, you made a good decision since the movie only got worse after.
    Yes, “unwittingly” isn’t the right word there. In my mind the “unwittingly” was for making SriDivya’s wish come true by stopping the wedding” but I agree the usage conveys the wrong meaning.

    shivaji, In general I’m bored with the kind of songs where hero is drunk & sings a song blaming women and so didn’t like the song much.

    Prasad, thank you for those very nice words. I also enjoy the feedback I get on the reviews though the most interesting discussions have been on those movies where the readers didn’t agree with me :)

    krithika, yes, Sathyaraj is getting some good roles and having an actor like him ensures that we get at least 1 strong character other than the hero.