Sep 09 2013

Kochadaiiyan Teaser

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After a long time with no news about Kochadaiiyaan, Soundarya prodded Rajni fans awake with the promise of a teaser to be unveiled on September 9. This time she kept her promise and the teaser was released yesterday. Unlike the full-blown euphoria that accompanied the trailers of films like Sivaji and Enthiran, the teaser has evoked mixed reactions and its easy to see why.

Soundarya generated very high expectations about the technical aspects in Kochadaiiyaan by throwing out terms like ‘cutting-edge technology’ and invoking films like Avatar and Tintin when talking about the quality of animation in the film. After those expectations, the teaser is quite a letdown. That doesn’t mean that the animation is poorly done all around. The impression of depth takes the animation beyond the flat, 2-d animation we’ve been used to so far in Indian movies and the detailing on the castle in the initial scene is impressive as is the attempted scale in the stadium and the group dance scene.

But Kochadaiiyaan is not just another animation film. It has been publicized as a full-fledged Rajni movie and is coming 3 long years after the high of Enthiran. We will be going to the movie to see Rajni and its on that count that the teaser falls really short. Rajni’s rendering is amateurish and definitely not what we imagined when we heard the term photo-realistic. His movements are not fluid and his postures(like when is riding the horse) are stiff and don’t look natural. His walk near the end of the teaser is the only aspect that the makers seem to have gotten at least partially right.

Soundarya’s aim in making Kochadaiiyaan an animated offering is to immortalize the legend that is Rajni. But the quality of the animation in the teaser makes me afraid that she will end making making him a joke. I’m really hoping that my fears don’t come true.

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  1. Suresh says:

    You are spot on there. I watched it first thing in the morning at behindwoods website as I had huge expectations. It felt very quick and I hate the fact most Tamil movie trailers fails to show any hint of what is the movie about. It almost feels like that they have such a weak story line and that they are afraid to tell us in case nobody likes it. Kochadaiiyann is no different! I really wanted to know what is about? Massive let down!

  2. skanda says:

    rather see a real life action Rajni than an animated Rajni, definitely not watching this film. only thing looking forward too is Ar rahman’s music which would sure be good…

  3. ram says:

    oh my gosh, this is awful…soundarya should’ve learned from the “Sultan” fiasco the valuable lesson, “look before you leap.” agalakaal vaikaathey-nu periyavanga summa-va sonaange…hope she proves me wrong with the film…with KSR having script duties, this could be commercially viable…paakalaam…

  4. Harish says:

    I did not read your post until I saw the video but after I did and read your thots, I couldn’t disagree. It appeared very tacky. I then switched to full HD (from AUTO) and while some aspects seemed better, the artifacts that I saw on each frame did not go away. To put it in perspective, there is a CPU benchmark tool that I typically use when I buy a new desktop (yes, I still do because thats the only one that still speeds up my photo processing!). When I do, I also run the same benchmark tool on my old machine just to get a kick. The old machine typically has a slower frame rate and as the camera moves (similar to the motion at the beginning of the teaser), the image would always look pathetic on my old machine. That is precisely the feeling I got here. I hope that these aspects would be fixed before the actual first trailer. I am a huge fan of Rajini (and I am going to argue as big as you are) and I would be very disappointed if this is a letdown especially because my daughter likes rajini too from Enthiran.

  5. Sandya says:

    I think you are putting way too much emphasis on a trailer, Balaji! The way I see it, Soundarya worked on Sultan and nothing even came of it. She has come far enough to show us a trailer of this one… better to have a product than not. With time and experience, I think she may better this effort.. and who knows, maybe the trailer was designed to reduce expectations… I don’t have to reiterate what overhype can do to a debutante?! :)

  6. Kumar says:

    The trailer looks awful – there are much better video games out there. I can’t imagine how Soundarya or any of her chamchas had the audacity to compare this to Avatar and Tintin. The only “cutting edge” I can imagine at this point is it being a “kadi”. Hope the end product is better.

    A few years back, who would have thought that Aishwarya would become a successful (as in getting a movie released) director rather than Soundarya (who by all accounts was the smarter of the two)?!!

  7. Harish says:

    @sandhya “and who knows, maybe the trailer was designed to reduce expectations”

    Why Why would anyone do that! Especially to us loyal Rajini fans :)

    @ram. Shankar did the same with Enthiran as well which was a huge step not personally for him but for Indian cinema as a whole and executed exceedingly well, IMO. I believe what you meant was the inexperience associated this all (where Shankar had shown proven skills in his prior movies) and all she has to show until now is the animation in Sivaji :).

  8. Sandya says:

    @Harish, why because we have such gargantuan expectations as Rajini fans just looking at the initial posters… Maybe the film or the animation/graphics ain’t as good and so, they don’t want it to blow it out of proportion.. and maybe, Soundarya made the same mistake that she made with Sultan.. underestimate her budget… Does that sound right?! :)

  9. Harish says:

    @Sandhya. I did not disagree but am just disappointed as I realized what you said might be true :).

  10. Kuttybear says:

    BB, while I agree with most of what you said, I want to wait for the full theatrical trailer before I make any judgement on the film. This teaser gives me the idea that the unit were just rushing to get this teaser out for the deadline since the last time they could not hold up their promise. It has a rushed feel to it. Even by today’s standards, when teasers and trailers are like snapshots put together and do not ever give us any hint on the plot line, this one seems like a haphazard mess! Graphics-wise, again, I want to see the proper teaser/trailer that has gone through all phases of proper post-production (& I will keep in mind that when people say “It’s like Avatar or Tin-tin” they mean an Indian equivalent as opposed to the originals).

  11. Sandya says:

    I have to agree with Kuttybear here on several points.. especially on the Indian equivalent point made here. Soundarya in her anxious and excited state probably blurted out some name to make it sound big. She knows better than anybody that she can talk the talk, but unfortunately, can’t walk the walk.

    Avatar was made on a budget of 237 million and reaped over 2 billion including its re-release. Similarly, Tin-Tin was made on a budget between 100 and 200 million and went on to make 300 million plus. Point is we aren’t even close to that budget range, obviously because we are hoping to reap only in 100 or 200 crores so far.. spending that kind of money with foreign technicians is not going to reap that kind of business for tamil cinema.. at least not anytime soon!

    Let’s call a spade a spade and take Kochadaiiyan for what it is.. an attempt at an Avatar or a Tin-Tin for an Indian audience..

    Personally, I don’t think we have ever made an animation film in Tamil Cinema.. that said, I welcome this with open arms.. do you see any other industry even wanting to try besides Bollywood? With its inbuilt shortcomings, this too will be milestone for Tamil Cinema as with Endhiran! :)

  12. Balaji says:

    Suresh, this was just a teaser & so I wasn’t expecting much in terms of the characters or storyline. It was the quality of the animation that was the biggest disappointment for me.

    skanda, seeing a live action Rajni film is seeming less possible with each passing day. I’m looking at animated Rajni as the next best thing.

    ram, yes at this point it sure looks like the story/script has to come to the film’s rescue.

    Harish, tacky is exactly the word I was looking for. The first appearance of the bearded Rajni & his shuffling turn/walk was particularly so. I didn’t notice any frame lag but the overall quality of the animation was very poor.

    Sandya, considering that Soundarya herself built up the hype for the teaser, I don’t think this was designed to reduce expectations. I guess we should’ve remembered the Sultan fiasco & not been misled by her words.

    Kumar, my sentiments exactly on the sisters. My respect for Aishwarya has gone up a lot both for her directorial ability and the way she handled the publicity for 3. On the other hand, Soundarya has squandered so much money & goodwill with her abandoning Sultan and the inordinate delay in releasing Kochadaiiyaan.

    Kuttybear, I sure hope your conjecture that they rushed to get this teaser out is true. But while the rushing might have resulted in the poor editing, I’m not sure the quality of the animation was a result of it. Guess we’ll just have to wait & see.

  13. Venkat says:

    This i am afraid will be huge slap on Rajni’s face, for all the effort and money spent, they could have hired a Hollywood specialist and gotten it right.

    It is better for them to let Rajni do a quickie with KSR or someone and slide this joke called photo-realistic animation into the box.

    Sorry for the harsh comments

  14. Vimal says:

    Gah!…Wish Rajni just did Endhiran 2 w/ Shankar instead…

  15. KayKay says:

    Ah yes!

    Like clockwork, the moment a trickle of special effects seep into an Indian movie, trust it’s maker to compare it to trend-setters like Avatar.

    I can’t quite agree with some of the posters who say Soundarya probably implied an “Indian version of Avatar or Tintin”.

    Most Indian filmmakers (and stars) aren’t capable of that kind of humility. A deep seated insecurity within them leads to a kind of relentless self-hype they spew practically even before the first scene is shot (kinda like dark-complexioned heroes who require song lyrics appreciating their dusky hue even while they romance a milky-white Punjabi import).

    Budget aside, Avatar was (from a purely technical standpoint) breath taking because James Cameron isn’t just a terrific visual stylist and action movie director. He’s a brilliant engineer and a gifted artist (not to mention an experienced deep sea diver to boot who designed his own submergible to travel down to view the Titanic wreckage for research) with a prodigious imagination. There isn’t ANYONE in Kolly,Tolly or Bolly anywhere near his league. Let’s accept that and move on.

    Want to keep the legacy of Rajini alive? Allow him to age gracefully and in real time on screen. Clint Eastwood and Sean Connery didn’t require CGI versions of themselves to drive home the point that screen presence and charisma are immune to receding hairlines, wrinkles and crow’s feet.

    The irony that a walking talking special effect like Rajini now needs a full blown CGI vehicle isn’t lost on me.

    Years from now, when I get a hankering for Rajini flicks, my bet is I’ll still be reaching for an “Uzhaippali”, “Padayappa”, “Mannan” or “Sivaji” and not an “Endhiran” or whatever “Kochadaiiyaan” turns out to be