Sep 25 2013

Mumbai Police (Malayalam)

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I’m of the firm opinion that Malayalam cinema gives us the best investigative thrillers. The absence of a compulsion to introduce unnecessary distractions and the willingness of the heroes to take on challenging roles has resulted in some fine thrillers(Oru CBI Diary Kurippu, The Truth are a couple that come to mind right away) over the years. Mumbai Police is another noteworthy addition to the list. In addition to the aforementioned aspects, it also has a great hook and a terrific ending.

Antony Moses(Prithviraj) is on the verge of telling his superior Farhan(Rahman) the identity of the killer in his case when he is involved in a freak accident. But he loses his memory in the accident and so, when Farhan assigns him the case again, Antony has to once again start from scratch to figure out the person who killed his best friend and colleague Aryan Jacob(Jayasurya) while keeping others in the dark about his memory loss.

Mumbai Police adds another dimension to the regular investigative thriller by having Prithviraj undergo a memory loss right at the beginning. So he is forced to pursue leads and interrogate suspects without letting up that he doesn’t remember anything and convince them that he knows more than he actually does. It is nice the way he identifies people he doesn’t know(like the way he finds out who Jayasurya’s girlfriend is when he meets her for the first time after his accident) and there is a funny situation that arises when he doesn’t understand who he is talking to.

The film works just as well as a character study. As Prithviraj investigates the case, he learns more about himself and he is not always happy about what he finds out. His character before the accident is particularly surprising and it is only with Rahman and Jayasurya that he softens up. The camaraderie between the three is enjoyable but there is not enough time to lay a strong foundation for the thick friendship that grows between Prithviraj and Jayasurya.

The film doesn’t resort to familiar tactics like have a large number of characters or throwing red herrings to place suspicion on many of them. But it still completely surprises us with the way it wraps things up. There are two big revelations, one leading to the other, at the end and both of them are terrific surprises. And the way it ends validates the memory loss angle, which goes beyond being a ploy to make solving the mystery more interesting and plays an important role in the solution.

Prithviraj delivers a terrific performance. He delineates beautifully his characters before and after the accident as he goes from a rude, swaggering cop to a man frustrated by his memory loss but driven to solve the case. It is a path-breaking, daring performance in more ways than one. Rahman is solid, pushing Prithviraj to solve the case but always ready to defend him while Jayasurya is convincing as a new cop not sure if he’s fit to wear the uniform.

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  1. Swapna says:

    I have been wanting to watch this movie for a while, where (how)did u see this movie? Did it have subtitles? My sister was raving abt the movie and the ending.

  2. Balaji says:

    Swapna, I watched a dvd rip with subtitles. Now you know 2 people raving about the movie & the ending :)

  3. Ravi K says:

    There’s also a Blu-Ray.