Jan 04 2015


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This first started off as a comment to the previous post but considering the emotions behind it and its eventual length, I felt that it deserved to be a separate post by itself.

First and foremost, a huge thanks to everyone who commented on the previous post. I typically try to respond individually to all comments by addressing the commenters separately but since the sentiments shared by most, if not all, the comments were similar, I am conveying the same in this post. I was glad to see many of the regular visitors to the site. It was nice to see the names of some old friends who I haven’t seen in awhile. And as someone who doesn’t check the site statistics, it was also nice to hear from the self-confessed only-readers(lurkers seems like such a unpleasant word!), who indicate that the readership for the site is higher than the numbers indicated by just the comments.

And I would be dishonest if I didn’t admit that it was nice to read about how you all have enjoyed the reviews over the years. I have read similar comments scattered over different posts over the years but to read them in once place over a few days certainly increased their impact. Help Tamil cinema fans pick good movies, save them from bad movies, provide something interesting to read whatever the quality of a movie, start discussions on interesting movies, trigger memories brought on by old movies – these are all things I intended the reviews to provide when I started writing them and it was hugely satisfying to read that they have done all that for the readers.

To answer some of the comments, I’d like to say that there are no other endeavors or activities I’m planning to embark upon. The decision to stop writing reviews came about solely due to the decrease in enthusiasm/interest and not because I wanted to devote the time to something else.

At the same time, this isn’t a complete goodbye either. Reiterating what I said in the previous post, I’m just stopping writing full-fledged reviews. I do intend to keep the blog online with posts on different things. These will include movie reviews too. The difference will be in the quantity, timing and the format of the reviews themselves. One, I probably won’t be seeing and reviewing every Tamil movie I can get my hands on. Two, without the interest to rush to the theater or download copies, the reviews will be available later, probably after a legal copy becomes available for home viewing. And three, the reviews will be more free-flowing without the rigid format I adhered to earlier. There are no parameters on the length of the reviews and I think that how much I can write will depend on how interesting the movie was. I’ve already seen 2 movies(1 Tamil, 1 Telugu) so far and am hoping to write about them. Hopefully those posts will make it clearer the direction this blog will take.

So once again, thank you for all the comments. I’m hoping that you continue to provide feedback about what works and what doesn’t as I try to figure out what works best for me, the writer, and you, the reader.

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  1. Ink Blot says:

    Do not go gentle into that good night, sir.

  2. ram says:

    bb, that’s a really nice, upbeat post to start the new year!
    may the new journey begin…
    best of luck!
    happy new year to you and fellow bbthotians!

  3. veer says:

    That is great news. Keep it going!!

    As an aside, I got around to reading “Peter Pan must die”. While the ending did surprise me, I felt the book overall was boring. I skimmed through lot of chapters, so I could get to the end.

    Also, got around to reading the famous “and then there were none” of Agatha christie. Inspite of the age of the book, the numerous inspirations from it, including tamil movies, I enjoyed it and was really taken in by surprise at the end. Most likely, you have read it. If not, I recommend it highly.

    I have a target of 15 fiction books to read this year ( and 25 non-fiction ). So, if you read something interesting, please do post.

  4. Sandya says:

    Che, indha post-ukku oru ‘Super Like’ button ilaama pOche! 😀 😀 😀 :) Saw this video and felt like a million bucks afterwards, may it do the same trick for you for the wonderful post that you just shared with all of us!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EsmWZv57sCU#t=246

  5. anon says:

    Balaji, I did not get a chance to reply to your “The End” post. Though only an occasional commenter, I have been a follower of your blog for over five years, ensuring your thumbs-up before deciding on a Tamil movie. Thank you for all your reviews and commitment to your blog…15 years is a long time indeed. Your impartial reviews will certainly be missed and I hope the many lurkers coming out of the woods will reinvigorate your interest :)

    Best wishes for 2015!