Dec 01 2015

Chennai Rains

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Maybe its the cumulative effect of all the rain Chennai has been having since the last couple of weeks but it looks like yesterday’s rain is turning out to be the worst yet. My FB and twitter timelines are filled with scary photos that reveal the extent of the damage the rain has done. Cars fully submerged, houses looking like islands in the middle of lakes, subways filled to the brim with water, roads looking like rivers, water-logged houses and offices, these are just some of the photos that reveal what Chennai is going through right now. The city’s infrastructure seems to have collapsed under the incessant rain with reports of cracked streets, caved-in roads and water-logged areas.

Phone calls to family back home(I was really surprised that the phone was working) gave a more close-up picture of the horrors. They had horror stories about getting to/back from work braving waist-deep water and crowded trains and buses on Tuesday. While they are relatively in a better situation compared to people driven out of their houses, they seem to have been sent back to the dark ages by the torrential rain. They feel stranded as the locality has become an island cut off from the rest of the city. They have been without electricity since Tue evening as a result of which they haven’t been able to even listen to the news to know what is going on outside. And in a rather ironic situation, they are surrounded by water outside but are rationing water since they can’t get water to the overhead tank without power.

But this disastrous time also seems to be bringing out the best in people. There are numerous reports, photos and videos of people helping others get to safety. Social media is turning out to be a huge asset as people are tweeting out requests for help and an equal number of people are responding and offering help. I’ve seen many offers of accommodation, food and other miscellaneous help(like free repair for stranded vehicles). It looks like many cinema theaters, wedding halls and malls have also opened their doors to give stranded people some shelter.

A sore point though is the complete lack of national attention on this calamity. I’ve barely seen any news about the rains and flooding in the national media and our national celebrities, who are usually quick to tweet out opinions and responses on any minor issue, have barely talked about what’s going on in Chennai. They could’ve easily spread awareness about the serious situation so people from the rest of the country could’ve helped if they wanted to.

While there seems to be some respite from the rains now with only some light drizzling, heavy rains are apparently predicted for the next couple of days at least. Hope Chennai comes out of this and the Government learns some lessons to better equip the city’s infrastructure so it can handle such situations better in the future.

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  1. Jordan says:

    Looks shocking. Have never seen this kind of damage in Chennai. Really heartwarming to see celebs such as Siddharth, RJ Balaji, Chinmayi, Dhanush, and some other do their part in dnating food and shelter. Btw, I live in Canada, and this looks much worse than our snow storms.

  2. Jordan says:

    Balaji, some national celebs did tweet about it such as Big B and Priyanka Chopra. This article was published 5:18 PM today.

  3. Nikitha says:

    When I left Los Angeles to India for my sisters wedding, I never thought I would get caught up in one of Chennais worst cyclones. Luckily I escaped the worst but getting out of the city was quite simple a terrible experience

    The most shocking part is still looking at the images of chennai airport submerged in water

  4. Prakash says:

    Yeah, it is unprecedented, so not surprising that they aren’t able to cope. Even in the US, they couldn’t handle Katrina.

  5. Suresh says:

    It is very shocking. My house in chennai has submerged in water, luckily it did not reach the first floor. There is a lot of criticism in the media about illegal constructions and encroachments. These rains are unprecedented and we can only hope this do not happen again. In my opinion no lessons will be learnt from this and all illegal construction will carry on.