Jan 26 2016

Thanga Magan

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Though Velaiyilla Pattadhari did most things well, one of its most-lauded aspects was its portrayal of rhe family dynamics in its hero’s family. Though the affectionate mother/strict father scenario has been done to death, VIP made it seem fresh with a combination of sharp, humor-tinged dialogs, a good balance between sentimentality and melodrama and nuanced performances from all the artistes.

Director Velraj has once again made family the centerpiece in his next film Thangamagan, again with Dhanush in the lead. So Thamizh(Dhanush) is an affectionate son to his parents(K.S.Ravikumar and Radhika). There are enough scenes to showcase this as he worries about his dad’s memory lapses and jokes with his mom. But just how important they are to him is made clear when he breaks up with his girlfriend Hema(Amy Jackson). The break-up is actually welcome since the romance was turning out to be disappointingly ordinary. Sathish had a few funny jokes but that was about it. As for Amy Jackson, she looked the part as the glamorous model in I but straitjacketed into a girl-next-door role here, she looks completely out of place.

The film’s stress on family continues as Dhanush then becomes a devoted husband to Yamuna(Samantha). The life of a young couple is brought out well with the soundtrack’s best song Enna Solla…, helping the cuteness factor. But the best thing about the story is that Hema is not pushed out of the picture completely. Though the way she remains relevant is a tad convenient, she has a few fantastic scenes that embellish her character and make her very different from the doormat wives we usually get to see in Tamil cinema.

The trouble with showing the hero as a family man is that it doesn’t allow his heroism to be showcased. In other words, the actor’s fans don’t get too many changes to whistle and clap. So its not a big surprise when the developments force Dhanush to turn into an action hero. The semi-realism that was maintained as Dhanush went around trying to solve the mystery behind his father’s troubles is lost as he begins to thrash goons, stride towards the camera in slo-mo and deliver punch dialogs(the ‘Thamizh can’t lose’ dialog is apparent as Thanga Magan‘s answer to the long ‘career’ dialog in VIP but doesn’t have the same effect).



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  1. Sandya says:

    Hollywood bound Dhanush. Right about now, he could do no wrong! :-) BTW, when is Rajini Padma post coming? This I really wanna read! 😉

  2. Kumar says:

    Haven’t watched this movie yet, but just can’t imagine Amy Jackson or Samantha as a girl next door, especially the tanni kudam thookra types!

    Off topic re Sandya’s Rajini remark, a joke that I saw on Facebook today – “Congratulations to Padma Vibushan on getting a Rajinikanth” :)

  3. Jordan says:

    Saw the movie just to see our upcoming Hollywood debutant Dhanush’s performance, and he did what he had to do, nothing revolutionary here, but okay enough.

    I thought the director could’ve done so much with KSR’s role and the sequences leading up to it his incident, but he played more with the melodrama later on, which I wasn’t fond of.

    From the ladies, Samantha was good, despite the pancake makeup and flat-ironed hair which was completely out of the simple middle-class girl that she was playing. Amy Jackson, as you’ve said, was out of place, and her lip sync and expressions in several places, especially at the temple scene was BAD.

  4. Balaji says:

    Sandya, Lady Luck’s definitely on his side. Has been for a while now actually.
    Padma post not much to write now. Maybe after the ceremony :)

    Kumar, opinion won’r change even after watching the movie. Neither of them fit the roles though Samantha was a tad better.

    Jordan, yeah movie was just OK. I think he focused on the melodrama later on since it led to the action. And I was surprised at how BAD Amy was both in looks and performance.