Jan 28 2016

Bangalore Naatkal Trailer

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I really consider Bangalore Days to be a modern classic. The solid screenplay, the sensitivity with the relationships were handled, the near-perfect balance of humor and sentiments, the uniformly good cast who shared great chemistry and the strong technical team made for a great movie. Considering the bad track record of Tamil cinema when it comes to remakes of classic Malayalam films(Seenu, Engirundho Vandhaan, Chandramukhi… its a rather long list with only Papanasam bucking the trend), it was with great trepidation that I read the news of the film being remade in Tamil. And the cast – Arya, Sridivya, Bobby Simha and Rana Daggubati – did nothing to ease my fears.

The film’s trailer was released yesterday. I’m happy that my dread about the film has eased off just a little bit after seeing it. Part of it of course comes from recollections of the original after seeing some of the scenes in the trailer. But the well-cut trailer stands well on its own too. It appears to be a faithful remake with many of the scenes looking exactly the same. The cast doesn’t seem to be too off the mark either. The big question is whether Arya can convincingly bring out the ‘coolness’ that Dulquer seems to convey so effortlessly but other than that, Sridivya, Simha and Rana seem to slip into their roles well, Parvathy’s presence in the same role she did in the original gives the remake a lot of legitimacy and one can always bank on actors like Saranya and Prakashraj.

Now I’m looking forward to Bangalore Naatkal a little more than earlier…


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  1. Jordan says:

    Everyone on social media is saying that Arya can easily pull off Dulquer’s role as he’s sporty in real life and can do cool-dude stuff like DQ, but come on, the acting…

    In the teaser, when you heard him mouth “Bangalore…what a rocking city”, I felt no life in it. Whereas, DQ had a cute grin and just put the life in that wonderful line. Also, in this trailer, the retort he gives back to Parvathy after following her and his anger later on all didn’t seem natural, like he’s just repeating whatever he did in VSOP or something. That ain’t good…

  2. Kumar says:

    P. Vasu is not in charge of the remake and that alone should be cause for relief :)

    I love BD and the trailer does provide some hope that they won’t completely mess it up. The magical chemistry that was present between the actors in BD is tough to recreate, even with a great cast. That is where I am still skeptical about Arya and agree with Jordan that it would be tough for him to follow Dulquer. Despite his antics, you could feel the lingering sadness inside Dulquer because of his past and not sure if Arya can pull that off.

    Also, I feel the songs in Malayalam were much better and I don’t know if I should feel happy or sad that they didn’t try to recreate “Ethu kari raavilum” in Tamil.

  3. Harish says:

    Pleasantly surprised to know that it is bommarillu bhaskar. I did like bommarillu in the way he brought about relationships. I hope he keeps the same sensitivities. I haven’t watched the original but here is hoping I like this one on its own merit.

  4. Sandya says:

    Damn.. Damn.. Damn.. that Sid and Sam split! What has that got to do with anything? They were both tipped to be part of the cast for this film. After all, it is Bommarillu Bhaskar’s film. Sid was a shoe in! How so unfortunate for all of us that he bailed on the film! :(

    The trailer looked credible and it helps that I have NOT seen the original, but understandably, Arya will be eating out of Dulquer’s hands, I’m sure.

    After seeing Keerthy Suresh, I balk at Sridivya uncontrollably.. Grrrr.. :-(

    On another track, I’d rather talk about Jil Jung Jak that arrives on 2/12. Now, there’s something I’m curious to see what Balaji has to say: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pXPoF1Uu00E (He & RJ have become Chennai’s sweethearts more recently that this should tear the BO to bits, Valentine weekend!) Very excited about this film’s prospects! :)

  5. Prakash says:

    Loved ‘Bangalore Days’. The best case version for the Tam version is “maybe they won’t screw it up”, the worst case is they mess it up completely. So either way, no real incentive to watch it :) Didn’t watch Papanasam for the same reason.

    Surprised to see Chandramukhi in your ‘bad version’ list. Not saying that it shouldn’t have made the list, but surprised to see a die-hard Rajini fan admit it!

  6. Ramesh says:

    So much respite! A tidbit here – Bhaskar suggested that he almost decided to leave the project after an initial year of cast changes. The producers PVP Cinema had first planned it as a bilingual and had an idea of roping in Arya, Samantha and Naga Chaitanya to play the cousins, with Siddharth in the Fahadh Faasil role. That obviously fizzled out post Sid-Sam’s break-up.

    Sridivya seems so reserved in all her press meets – I’m not sure if I can see her recreating Nazriya’s energy. Arya’s just Tamil cinema’s excuse for being ultra-hip – and seeing a chubby, unproven post-Jigarthanda Bobby Simha in Nivin’s role is disconcerting. Also this film has Lakshmi Rai. Sigh. I loved the original – I sincerely hope this works next week, just not to leave a scar.

    Also, this is up against Visaranai and Saagasam next week. The amount of box office clashes upcoming over the next few weeks (and the rest of the year) seems worrying. So many promising films with fairly big actors in production – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Upcoming_Tamil-language_films Yikes!

  7. Balaji says:

    Jordan, that Bangalore line was exactly what made me write that line about Arya conveying the ‘coolness’ factor as well as Dulquer. It comes naturally to Dulquer but it just doesn’t fit Arya, however sporty or cool he may be in real life.

    Kumar, your 1st line made me laugh hard. He is the culprit behind two of the 3 films I mentioned!

    Harish, I would highly recommend u watching Bangalore Days, even if after seeing Bangalore Naatkal.

    Sandya, the JJJ trailer looks very cool, the kind of dark comedy that we don’t get many of. Certainly looking forward to it!

    Prakash, I actually forgot to add another Rajni movie to the list – Kuselan! No surprises that P.Vasu was behind that too!

    Ramesh, that was a pretty apt description of the entire cast there :) Its not just the press conferences, Sridivya has been pretty bland in her movies so far too.

  8. Kumar says:

    Yes, P. Vasu should be charged with crimes against Malayalam cinema! Can you imagine him remaking Bangalore Days?! We would end up with Rajni, Prabhu and Kushboo playing the cousins ::shudder::

  9. Jordan says:

    @Kumar I’m tearing up on the last line of your latest comment.

  10. Prakash says:

    @Kumar, that is funny. But never could’ve happened. Kushboo is married and has kids, she could never be the heroine 😉

  11. Kumar says:

    @Jordan – tears of joy or despair? ?

    @Prakash – appo, Kushboo-kku oru amma role. Kalpana’s (RIP) unique mom role can be made over-the-top melodramatic by P. Vasu

  12. Balaji says:

    Kumar, thanks for a good laugh. And Vasu himself would’ve played Kushboo’s husband’s role :)