Mar 02 2017

Adhe Kangal

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Producer C.V.Kumar has built up a reputation for bankrolling small but interesting films in a variety of genres ranging from sci-fi(Indru Netru Naalai) to horror(Pizza). Like many of the films that he has produced, Adhe Kangal too features actors who are not household names(yet) and a new director. And like those other films, this film, a thriller, also keeps his reputation intact.

Varun(Kalaiyarasan) is a visually challenged chef (the blindness and the intricacy involved in cooking make this an interesting combination. But barring one scene, this skill isn’t really exploited in the film). The film starts off looking like a love triangle as Sadhana(Janani Iyer), a journalist, likes Varun but its Deepa(Sshivada) who Varun falls in love with. This romance is developed nicely even if it is quick, with some small moments that capture Deepa coming to terms with and accepting Varun’s blindness. The Idho Thaanaagave… number helps even if Kalaiyarasan looks completely out of place in the dream sequence portions of the song.

The plot moves forward in interesting fashion after Varun gets into an accident. His actions are natural for someone in his position and don’t seem guided simply by the dictates of the screenplay. The key plot point is pretty obvious much before the actual reveal but it is built up to in an interesting manner and it also doesn’t completely kill the film since there are still some good knots left to unravel. The screenplay is constructed well without any obvious holes, the answers provided(like the way the marks were selected) are satisfactory and its nice that small things from before(like a photograph on the wall of Varun’s restaurant) lead to those answers.

When Balasaravanan is introduced as a constable, it looks like the film would do the same mistake that so many thrillers do – damage the tone of the movie by introducing unnecessary comedy. Though he does crack a few jokes and is mainly employed for comedy relief, he also plays an important part in Varun’s investigation. So his role doesn’t do much damage to the film’s pace.

Among the actors, Kalaiyarasan and Janani Iyer are rather low-key, which helps keep the movie’s look realistic. But the standout is Sshivada who digs into her role with relish. She brings out all the facets of her complex character convincingly and gives the film the energy it needs.

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  1. Harish says:

    For me, the WHO was obvious as soon as ilavarasan goes to the next city. The motive and plan, perhaps not. The climax was silly too. Janani Iyer was solid in the first half but fizzled out (not adding value other than being a driver) in the second half despite the presence level being inverted. That is probably a first.

    Sshivada was wonderful given a scope that is generally not entitled for actresses in Tamil movies. I wouldn’t say I walked away disappointed, but the material had far more scope to induce suspense and a far more well thought climax. That seemed wasted but definitely kudos for a different attempt and not screwing up with 17 songs and 25 fight sequences.


    Not sure if u saw Bogan. Saw the BR version recently. Big letdown in the last 15 mins after an interesting theme, IMHO.

  3. Ramesh says:

    True, it was a case of ‘it could have been so much more’. Doesn’t do the CV Kumar brand any harm – there’s only been one film of his which made me think otherwise (144).

    Sshivada has done some impressive roles – Nedunchaalai, Zero now this. I wonder if she’s destined to go under the radar (also drawing a parallel with Miya George).


    I liked the movie and it looks like it is unanimous that Sshivada was really good. There was one part in the movie which could provide a good PhD material. Why is it that the hero in any Indian movie is always able to outrun a vehicle that is out to kill him?

  5. Jordan says:

    Just watched the film, and it didn’t really grip me as I thought it would while watching the trailer. Like what the others said, the film belonged to Sshivada. Despite a not so great script and lack of a strong screenplay, she impresses. In fact, I think she would’ve been a better choice to play Rudra in Kodi, a role that Trisha bombed with her non-acting.

  6. Sandya says:

    All well and dandy that Sshivada nails the part and aLLufies all the accolades, but you folks do know that married heroines don’t make it anywhere in our industry. Unfortunately, Sshivada has bigger barriers to break despite an extremely low key wedding.

  7. Jordan says:

    @Sandya Talking about barriers women face in the industry, what the heck is happening with Suchi’s twitter account?! Who would have access to all those pics?

  8. Jordan says:

    Also talking about married women, I think the situation is slowly changing. Jyothika/Simran are active, Sshivada seems to be doing some new films, and the recently engaged Samantha was surprisingly not thrown out of the new Vijay film. Of course, some audiences and industry folks would raise eyebrows, which you can’t avoid.

  9. Sandya says:

    Jordan, the Simran, Jyothika effect is like throwing pebbles to create small ripples. If the script is king then we let them thrive! Amala was already engaged to and married to Vijay by the time, VIP released. If it weren’t for better scripts, I don’t think it would be a big deal to see Jyo and Sim back in the field or even Sneha for that matter. But I will agree, this is a far better place to be then where the previous set of 90s heroines, Sukanya, Kasturi, Madhubala, the 80s heroines fare even worse mostly due to their girth, unfortunately.

    From what I heard from an insider who has worked with Suchi, the gal has depression/anxiety related issues, so the tweets about Dhanush, Simbu and the Isha yoga guy (avaLavu periya follower illai na! ?) may be a result of that. As for the hacking, it might be a unfortunate series of events happening all one after another to ruin one’s life. I do wonder why Suchi didn’t pull the plug on the account altogether the way Trisha did during Jallikkattu. Isn’t it very easy to make an account dormant?! The answer to my question FINALLY:

  10. Sandya says:

    The sum of all evils that hits one person all at once but with multiple blows: (I actually have experienced this first hand in a more limited scale, but the effects of these are brutal and painful, more so if you are a celebrity!).

  11. Jordan says:

    @Sandya Thanks for the links. Thank goodness her account is done with, but damn, there are still a few fake accounts ruining everything more, with Mr.D getting character assassinated big time. More strength to you over your experience with this, but celeb or not, it doesn’t seem like something easy to handle at all for anyone.

  12. Sandya says:

    Jordan, D-Manukku time seriously, Appa-Amma seriyillai-nu oru pakkam, yucky photos vandhu aaL seriyillai-nu innoru pakkam. I sincerely hope that Power Pandi will help in bouncing back!

    As for the length and width of depression/anxiety, it can make you do/say, tweet things that you wouldn’t dream of doing in your regular state of mind. In my case, email became a weapon and I spewed a lot of venom whether I cared for them or not. The worst part is people don’t recognize is that the depressed person just wants recognition, appreciation and affection. If people around him/her, recognize that, that’s all it takes over a reasonable period of time to fix this problem. If there is hope, it is through Karthik and her close friends/relatives. I also heard a while back that Suchi lost both parents very early in life! ?

  13. Sandya says:

    Correction: D-Manukku time seriyillai!

  14. Sandya says:

    Being a celebrity is tough enough, I’m truly surprised that Suchi didn’t take down her account after the D-Man tweets! She may have escaped the porn photo tweets at the very least! All the hackers could have done was to impersonate her with a page that looks like her and done damage her. At least her account and her name would have been saved the damage.

    I also get a weird feeling that Suchi may have been manipulated or blackmailed to keep the account alive by someone. The time it took from the D-Man tweets to the porn photos gives me that sense. There is something here that both Suchi and Karthik are not telling us! ?

  15. Balaji says:

    Harish, considering that our filmmakers spoil most of our thrillers with misplaced comedy and suspense-diluting songs, I was happy with how the film shaped up. It kept me engaged even after the main suspense was broken & that was a good thing.

    Venkitachalam, yes I reviewed it also.

    Ramesh, I don’t think I saw 144. But was perusing CVKumar’s films on Wiki and it is a very impressive list indeed.

    Jordan, that’s a fantastic thought there, Sshivada playing Trisha’s role in Kodi. I always felt Aishwarya Rajesh was one of our few good actresses & Sshivada can easily get on the list too.

    Sandya, didn’t know she was married. Probably cos of the low-key wedding as you said. Talking of married actresses, the one who made the bias most obvious to me was Nadhiya. She looked so young in MKumaran but had to play Jayam Ravi’s mom. But its nice to see more movies with central female characters, allowing our married actresses to come back to the big screen. And esp. nice to see Jo leading the pack :)

    Haven’t been following the Suchi news all that much so far…