Mar 16 2017


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Mupparimaanam doesn’t inspire much confidence in the beginning. Kathir(Shanthanu) gets a typical mass hero introduction scene where he swats away a bunch of goons at a marriage hall and then kidnaps the bride Anusha(Shrushti Dange). The fight sequence is good even if completely one-sided but the subsequent chase is rather generic and doesn’t generate much by the way of excitement. It doesn’t help that it reminds us of the similar chase in Gilli(the Yaaro Ivano… number takes the place of Arjunar Villu…) here.

Its during the chase that we learn about the romance between Kathir and Anusha. It is again a very routine romance where their families have a previous enmity stemming from Kathir’s dad, a policeman, being responsible for putting Anusha’s brother in jail. Its the kind of romance that is not particularly interesting but doesn’t make us cringe either. Kathir and Anusha don’t get the chance to be overly cutesy since the romance itself is pretty short and doesn’t have many sparks. The scenes with Anusha’s parents don’t get overly dramatic and there are a couple of scenes(like a wedding, an opportunity to elope) where we aren’t sure exactly how the story will proceed.

But the film then surprises us. As some blanks get filled in, we see the full picture and the story it paints is very different from what we had been led to believe. There’s some cheating by the director but it works and the way some of the events actually unfolded makes us smile. Even the cliched nature of the romance makes more sense now since it tricked us with its predictability.

The film told the romance without any unnecessary comedy but it adds Thambi Ramiah into the mix after things get serious. He doesn’t do any serious damage since flashbacks take up most of the screen time but he still feels unnecessary. The flashbacks also allow the film to add a song sequence featuring cameos by many actors(Arya, Vijay Anthony, Radhika, Ramya Krishnan are a few of the more high-profile actors to make an appearance).

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  1. Sandya says:

    You are on a roll, Balaji! ???

  2. Prasad says:

    I should give it to you Balaji. You seem to be possess an eternal thirst to find at least bits n pieces of positiveness even in most dreadful movies. And you keep proving it time and again. Hats off, seriously!