Mar 14 2017

Motta Shiva Ketta Shiva

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The success of the last 2 Kanchana movies made Raghava Lawrence a star with box-office clout. While they were commercial successes, our heroes have always treated successful mass masala movies as the holy grail of stardom. Lawrence’s attempt at that stardom gives us Motta Shiva Ketta Shiva, a hardcore, B-grade mass masala movie. Lawrence is more acceptable as a mass hero than some other heroes but the vehicle he has chosen is pretty bad.

We actually see ketta Shiva first as ACP Shiva(Raghava Lawrence) takes charge after haggling a transfer from a minister he rescues from kidnappers. He is crooked and corrupt, making deals with criminals and taking bribes. Its usually fun to see our heroes play the bad guy for a change but Shiva here isn’t bad in an interesting way. He simply overlooks petty crimes and beats up small-time criminals. To make matters worse, he isn’t completely rotten either. So we have scenes like the one where he befriends a deaf-mute girl Nandhini and later saves her and her group from a goon.

Seeing Kovai Sarala, Sathish(who in recent movies seemed to be on the road to becoming the lead comedian but hardly has any screen time or lines here)  and Chaams as Shiva’s constables tells us that we are not supposed to take anything seriously but the comedy, revolving around them worshiping the ACP for his corrupt ways, is terrible(aside from making a mockery of the rules of the police). The same goes for Shiva’s romance with a journalist(Nikki Galrani). The usual idea of the hero making the girl jealous by cozying up to another woman is used as a ploy for the director to introduce an item number and Devadharshini adds to the annoying comedy as the journalist’s sister who adores cops.

Shiva’s corrupt behavior is not to just line his own pockets. He is actually out to irritate the Commissioner(Sathyaraj, in one of his most ineffectual roles) with whom he has a past. The reason behind this is a key twist but the revelation is handled in such a throwaway manner that we wonder why the director made an attempt to hide it. Another minor twist with respect to the victim of a crime is actually handled better and gives us a momentary surprise.

In keeping with the film’s trend, a single conversation is all it takes for Shiva to have a change of heart. So he turns into motta Shiva and goes up against GK(Ashutosh Rana) and his younger brother Sanjay(Vamsi Krishna). In keeping with the movie’s tone, they are both incredibly evil and incredibly stupid. GK’s plans to beat Shiva are silly and Shiva’s responses are sillier. A scene where some ladies imitate fight sequence moments from Tamil films(the Singam bit is the funniest) is the film’s sole clever moment. Lawrence thinks that shouting out a dialog automatically makes it a punch dialog and so keeps screaming threats and challenges until the movie finally draws to an end.

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6 Responses to “Motta Shiva Ketta Shiva”

  1. Jordan says:

    Man oh man, on the one hand, you get D16, Kuttram 23, and Maanagaram, but then you have to cope with “ennaku padam edukka theriyadhu, aana item songum rape comedyum vechu entertain pannuven” directors like this Sai Ramani. Sincere respects for tolerating this movie and giving a review for it. I just want to ask finally, which was less tolerable, this or Muthuramalingam?!

  2. Ramesh says:

    Found this film unbearable. “Makkal Superstar” title and all – I understand he has this mass following, but surely Raghava needs a reality check. The Kanchana films were pretty awful, degrading cinema – which made most of the summer box office. Hopefully Shivalinga (which is Chandramukhi-esque by nature + has a song titled “Chinna Kabali” *rolls eyes*) is somewhat better!

    Enjoyed this take on this film too:

  3. Prasad says:

    @Ramesh – “I understand he has this mass following” – really?

  4. Balaji says:

    Jordan, tough question but I think MSKS was more tolerable. I kinda knew what I was getting considering a Lawrence as mass hero film. Muthuramalingam was a whole other level of badness :)

    Ramesh, not sure about mass following but offscreen I think he earned a lot of goodwill during the jallikattu protests. Wonder how much of that he squandered with this film!

  5. Sandya says:

    Since he keeps his personal life squeaky clean for the most part, this won’t Mottai adichchu-fy him, me thinks! 😀 As of this man’s flag that flies high, the career graph does go up and down for any actor, Lawrence should be no exception. Minor aberration that maybe Shivalinga might take care of soon! Scarier prospect would have been if both this and Shivalinga had opened on the same day! 😀

  6. Prasad says:

    His Kanchana series was a lucky hit and he was smart enough to sustain it with sequel. Other than that I really wonder at his audaciousness to see himself as a solo hero. His stint in Jallikattu protests was heavily trolled thus losing the following at least to a certain extent. I sure have no hopes on Shivalinga absolutely. Unless this guy rediscovers himself soon, he will be history and there will be no complaints.