Mar 27 2017

Ennodu Vilaiyadu

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Ennodu Vilaiyadu has the very unique backdrop of horse racing. The sport has a reputation of being addictive and destroying families as huge amounts of money are gambled away on the races but the film doesn’t deal with that aspect of it except for a couple of warning lines at the end. Instead it uses it as the launchpad for a thriller.

We get an interesting look at the sport as we see Vikram(Bharath) keep tabs on Sharma(Yog Japee), the owner of one of the horses. We learn about both the legal and illegal aspects of it as we see the things that factor into a person’s pick of the horse(a character mentions that this is the only reason the sport is still legal) as well as the backroom dealings that go on to fix the races. And those shots of the horses dashing out of the gates and kicking up dust as they race towards the finishing line are always fun to watch.

In parallel, we also meet Sridhar(Kadhir) who has moved from Trichy to start a new job. With two young heroes, it comes as no surprise there are two romantic tracks. Vikram falls in love with Minnie(Chandini) while Sridhar rooms with Inba(Sanchita Shetty), his sister’s friend, and eventually develops feelings for her. Both the romances are unimaginative and have the flimsiest of links to the main story. Inba needs money to get back her house and Sridhar decides to help her while Minnie’s wedding to Vikram is threatened(this is brought about in a laughably contrived manner) by his huge credit card debts.

Its a little disappointing that a lot of the action happens away from the racing field but things are still closely connected to what happens there. Once the story gets going after the unnecessary romances, the focus shifts to a bag of money. The screenplay is developed interestingly as it ends up with one character who is unaware of it while there are multiple people looking for it. Some contrivances aside, these portions are interesting. A couple of fights damage the realistic feel the movie maintained until then but the multiple tracks are resolved satisfactorily through a climax that fittingly revolves around a horse race.

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