Apr 03 2017


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With Pichaikkaaran‘s surprise success, Vijay Antony became a bonafide star, a fact that is evidenced by the buzz around his new films. Following the film’s success, the music director-turned-actor seems to be following a simple formula for his films. They have a short, catchy title(his last 3 films were Pichaikkaaran, Saithaan and now Yaman and his next has been titled Kaali) and a twisty story that incorporates a soft, clean romance and mild humor. And Vijay Antony himself¬†plays a character that has a few shades of gray. Yaman is a political drama but sticks to the same formula.

Yaman plays out like a rags-to-riches story in the political arena as its captures a man’s rise in politics. Thamizharasan(Vijay Antony), looking for money to pay for his grandfather’s surgery, agrees to go to jail in place of the real driver in a car accident. The jail stint pushes him into the political path as he comes between Manimaran(Marimuthu) and Selvam(Jayakumar) and through them meets Karunakaran(Thiagarajan), an ex-MLA who nurtures ambitions of becoming an MLA again. There are enough twists and double-crosses to keep things interesting as many of these characters have scores to settle with each other. So it all comes down to who gets to who first.

But Thamizharasan’s real enemy is Thangapandi, a minister. There is a history between the two of them but the interesting aspect of it is that Thamizharasan doesn’t know about it. So we know the reason behind Thangapandi’s shock on seeing Thamizharasan but Thamizharasan himself is oblivious to it. This makes the battle between them a little different with Thangapandi having the upper hand as Thamizharasan trusts him. That being said, the culmination of this aspect of their enmity isn’t very satisfactory. It doesn’t provide suitable closure to the weight of the secret that Thamizharasan was unaware of.

Thamizharasan is definitely a mass hero even if a rather soft-spoken one.¬†He has a number slo-mo shots and no one lays a hand on him in the fight sequences. But as he gets deeper into politics, he displays a hard side that goes against the clean image that our mass heroes posses. Most of the people he goes up against are bad and his acts feel justified but the way Thamizharasan manipulates the minister’s PA(Charlie) to get what he wants shows a side of him that isn’t completely good or ethical.

A few more instances of this kind of behavior would’ve justified the title and made the character – an the film itself – more interesting, especially towards the end. It would’ve definitely added spice to the bland romance between Thamizharasan and Anjana(Mia George), an actress. I was kinda hoping that at least some of his interest in the romance would be due to the help her stardom would provide to his political aspirations but that never comes up. So the romance exists as always to pave the way for a couple of duets though the director has made an effort to make it a bit relevant by adding a small link between her and Thangapandi.

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  1. Ramesh says:

    Not seen this yet, but enjoyed catching Vijay Antony go through the paces in “Yen Mela Kai Vacha Gaali!” – he seems like a modern day Thiagarajan with the deliberate woodenness.

  2. Kay says:

    @Ramesh: Thyagarajan is in this movie too… when u watch it, u will realize that Thyagarajan is still the modern day thyagarajan… wooden n all ! Special kinda talent

  3. Prakash says:

    Finally, a recently bb reviewed movie on Tentkotta. From the review, seems watchable.

    @Kay, lol :)

  4. Jordan says:

    Given your current penchant for reviewing recent releases, looking forward to Kaatru Veliyidai’s review!

  5. Prakash says:

    Kaatru V getting some average reviews, but mostly bad. Was never a big MR fan, skipped most of his recent movies. This one’s a skip too.

  6. Reza says:

    Kadal. Ravanan, ok kanmani and KV. Mani’s heading the wrong direction. all 4 movies were boring to watch. Screenplay was slow and boring. Kaatru veliyidai, half of the time slept in the theatre. Enough of LOVE STORIES. The only scene that had my attention was the hospital scene argument between karthi dad n karthi.

    Karthi doesnt suite the role at all, brilliant cinenmatography, never seen before camera angles and lovely locations.

    I feel since Bombay, Mani pays more attention for cinematography & camera angles instead of a very good script, screenplay, story, and dialogues that holds the viewers attention till the end.

    After leaving the theatre in Sri lanka, many were blasting a they wasted their money and time.

    Time to move away from romance MANI SIR, bring back the magic Nayakan agni natchatram thalapathi anjali n mouna raagam had.

  7. Sandya says:

    Paavam, Vijay Antony! I was under the impression that your post was about his Yaman, Balaji! 50% of the comments are about Kaatru Veliyidai! ??? It will most likely be my very first Vijay Antony film, I will watch fully! Didn’t get past more than 30 mins of Naan and forgot most of those 30 minutes before I ever got back to it. Haven’t been fortunate enough to catch any of his other films; Shaitan, I missed watching with friends due to another commitment. This should be interesting! ?

  8. Balaji says:

    Kay, u stole the words out of my mouth :) The wooden expressions and the low, single-tone dialog delivery were his specialty!

    Jordan, review coming tomorrow hopefully :)

    Sandya, I liked Naan but Pichaikkaaran would probably be my first recommendation among his movies so far.

  9. Prakash says:

    Naan was decent, maybe because I started watching with low expectations.

    About 80% done with Yaman. Pretty decent so far. No dawdling, moves quite fast. Apparently the movie was meant for Vijay Sethupathy originally.

    @Sandya, tipping the comments scale back towards Vijay A now :)

  10. Jordan says:

    LOL, sorry guys, naan thaan Vijay Antony reviewla Mani sir padatha pathi kathai aarambichen…

  11. Sandya says:

    Sorry solla vendaam, Jordan. It was just an observation and a normal knee jerk response we all have to a BIG movie release! The chota Yaman gets pushed around! ?