May 10 2017

Vivegam Teaser

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Director Siva’s films so far(Siruthai, Veeram and Vedhalam) have all been mass masala films. While his success rate tells us that he has learned the art of making a hero-centric masala film, he didn’t seem like the kind of director who would be suited to directing an action thriller. His films were loud, didn’t possess the style and sheen that go into making a good thriller and that first scene in Vedhalam, which was set abroad, was very amateurish. So I didn’t have much confidence when news came out that Vivegam, his third film with Ajith, would be an international thriller with Ajith playing an interpol agent.

But the teaser released today came as a pleasant surprise. The focus is entirely on Ajith with not even a glimpse of the heroine(Kajal Agarwal) or the villain(Vivek Oberoi) but it has been cut nicely and looks sleek and stylish(the shots of Ajith training in the wilderness look very cool). I’m certainly looking forward to the film more now.

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  1. Sandya says:

    Nee vaa Thala! This after quite a long self-imposed hiatus! Truly looking forward! ❤️

  2. Vijayan says:

    Remember how few days back I said Ajith would be able to do Hollywood film & certain someone was utterly against it.

    Suggest em to watch Vivegam teaser & without Ajith’s Tamil monologue, you’d wonder if it was love child of Mission Impossible X James Bond

    Ajith has always placed his faith on directors when other do not. Ex: SJ Suryah, Venkat Prabhu, now Siva

    Vivegam teaser as of now has broken Bahubali’s record as Fastest Liked Teaser 100K in less than 50 minutes. Note, this was not due to its “A” level director, franchise value etc

    Purely for Ajith Kumar alone & considering how Vedalam (cliched, mass masala film) was released alongside Kamal’s Thoongavanam not only emerged victorious but broke SuperStar Rajnikanth’s record for highest Day 1 Opening, cine viewers can only dream about the massacre Vivegam would create upon its release

  3. Reza says:

    The worst thing i hate about Ajith and Vijay movies are AJITH AND VIJAY. Neither im excited about ajith nor vivegam nor siva and i cant find the reason to get this much excited.

    Once i made a very bad mistake of watching the movie vedalam bcas my cousin bcas he was bored n wanted to watch a movie. After coming out of the theatre i felt that i wasted 3 hours n will never ever watch a siva movie ever again. Ajith is dumb enough to pick a useless director like siva.

  4. Prasad says:

    It definitely takes a crap actor to find a crap director. Sure enough Ajith n Vijay excel in them

  5. Swetharan says:

    Both Ajith and Vijay are a disgrace to Tamil cinema. Several years from now when someone tries to write the history of tamil cinema and they talk about its stars, maybe this is how it would look like: The heroes of Tamil cinema who took it to great heights were Bhagavathar-Kittappa, MGR-Sivaji, Rajni-Kamal after which it went into a terminal decline until it was rescued by its directors like Bala, Myskkin, Karthik Subbaraj…

  6. Sandya says:

    Swetharan, like you, I have seen Ajith and Vijay Wade through many losses, failures and difficulties to make irlt in Tamil Cinema. Neither of them has been a collosal loss to Tamil Cinema, as you claim. The mass masala quotient has always been part of Tamil Cinema, so with time, we have had the likes of MGR and Rajini carry forth that torch. But wherein Sivaji and Kamal were actors, Ajith continues to be just a masala star. Both Vijay and Ajith are about no-brainer entertainment. I cannot agree that either is a total loss to Tamil Cinema. I’m sure you wouldn’t accept if I said the same of Surya and Vikram either, even though honestly, it has been many many many years since either Surya and Vikram have acted to their fullest potential.

  7. Reza says:

    Rather than going behind useless actors like Ajith n vijay, surya too screaming hes lungs out in S3 (dont forget to take a cotton wool to watch s3) better to back actors like madavan Siddharth and Prithviraj whom are natural actors. Their body language, facial expressions and evertthing they do infront of camera LOOKS NATURAL. prithviraj is my most favorite actor in ind along with aanir khan (after kamal od course).

  8. Ramesh says:

    Guys, order order! Every industry has their bonafide heroes from Mahesh Babu to Shahrukh Khan to Dwayne Johnson. Let’s not hate on them – they’ve only come to the top through the audience’s love for them over a prolonged period of time. Too many wrong moves and they’ll be out, of course. :) Also let’s not forget it has only been two years since Ajith charmed us with Yennai Arindhaal, and only a year since Suriya gave us the spellbinding 24!

    Either way, was definitely impressed with the teaser of Vivegam. I was surprisingly charmed by Veeram but irritated by Vedalam, so interested to see how this pans out. It will be interesting to see Akshara Haasan make her bow too!

  9. Prakash says:

    Not a fan of Vijay or Ajith. But they don’t bother me, because I just skip most of their movies :) Given up on Surya and Vikram too.

    But I am amazed at the fan following Vijay and Ajith command. Some make movies to express their creativity, to win awards etc. But can’t ignore the commercial aspects. So as long as V and A films have their fan(atic)s and make the money, I guess it doesn’t matter what non-fans think.

    Nobody is forcing me to watch any movie that I don’t like. And I’m just happy there are movies that I can enjoy.

  10. Jordan says:

    Like Prakash, I ain’t a Vijay nor Ajith fan, I like Suriya and Vikram more. But I understand that the massive fan following both V and A have are so huge, that it really keeps the market going. Today if this Vivegam got a faster number of teaser likes than Baahubali 2, it’s only for Ajith. I just hope that this massive market these two have can pave way for producing small, meaningful films or taking up a slightly different project once in a while. I want more Yennai Arindhaals from Ajith.

  11. Ramesh says:

    If the quality of the politicians and the film stars are any indication Tamilnadu has got to be one of the most backward BIMARU states in the country. Ashamed.

    Not only in the acting department, but in the music department as well there has been a huge vacuum. Rahman is still the last megatrend. These days its just noise that gets passed off as music.

    Surprised to see Sandhya defend this crapfest that has pervaded Tamil movies.

  12. Jordan says:

    “These days its just noise that gets passed off as music” – So true Ramesh, I really don’t know what people see in the likes of Hip Hop Thamizha…

  13. Sandya says:

    Ramesh, I don’t think I ever said it wasn’t a crapfest. But there are lots of folks who like mass masalas, there’s nothing wrong with that! Live and Let Live! ?

  14. Balaji says:

    Vijayan, Ajith certainly has some of the most loyal, die-hard fans and its clear that you are one. But please limit comments to actors/movies.

    Sandya, I think what is frustrating is that there are no top stars who are willing to take a risk or challenge themselves. They are all simply acting in safe movies and placing the blame on their fans. Everyone wants to be the next Rajni but no one wants to be the next Kamal. Hence the extreme reactions that Ajith and Vijay generate, both positive and negative.

    Reza, but the fan base that the actors you mention have earned and the money their movies make are the reasons why the top stars aren’t willing to take on projects that these actors are. They make interesting movies but how many 100 cr movies do they have. Its BO success that matters and so our masala heroes aren’t going to do anything different.

    Jordan, “I just hope that this massive market these two have can pave way for producing small, meaningful films or taking up a slightly different project once in a while.” – that hope diminishes a little with each new film that they announce!

    Ramesh/Jordan, talking about music, 2017 so far seems to be very weak in that dept. Not sure if I’ve missed some good but underrated albums but there are only 3 albums – Kaatru Veliyidai, Pa. Paandi and Bogan – that I have gone back repeatedly to so far this year.

  15. Venkit Subramanian says:

    I always look forward to a movie from Ajith. Not so much from Surya (after 7am Arivu), Vijay (after Sura) or Vikram (anything after Deiva Thirumagal, which along with Anjali and Baletta are three movies we watch when we want to feel all weepy for no reason!).

    I don’t even understand the discussion about who from India could shine in Hollywood. Absolutely useless discussion. Based on the number of Indians in the West you probably could have one or two movies with an Indian in the lead. All others can just have a stereotypical character. Nothing more and nothing less.

    Prithviraj, though a good actor, has limited himself to Malayalam movies and that too has only two or three releases in a year. Looking forward to his Karnan, after a disaster that was “Ezra”.

    Power Pandi and Maanagaram were two interesting movies I watched over this weekend.

  16. Ramesh says:

    The first Ramesh who commented (me) is a totally different Ramesh from the second commenter, by the way. I don’t share those thoughts, haha.

    Ramesh 1.

  17. Swapna says:

    We can take this blog post as an example. This post got more comments than the previous movie review post ???. Edhuliye theriyudhu, what star power these people have.

  18. Ramesh 1 says:

    I really do wish Ajith comes out and speaks to the media one of these days. Would be interesting to hear his take on this supposed “mass” following he has inadvertently built up. I wonder what it would take…

  19. Every industry has their own masala heroes. Tamil industry has Vijay and Ajith. Both of them have acted in some really bad movies. Vijay for example during the “Sun Pictures” days acted in some of the most mind numbing masala films in recent times. I do agree that when a Vijay/Ajith movie comes, I am not that interested in watching them in the theatres for example. The last Vijay movie I watched in theatre was “Azhagiya Tamizh Magan” and I don’t even remember the last Ajith movie I watched on the big screen.

    Vivegam does look promising but again these days the movie teasers/trailers cannot be taken at the face value. Sometimes what they show in the teaser is the only good thing in the movie. For me the biggest disappointment has been Surya. His choice of doing Singam 3 was appalling. I could not sit through that movie for more than 20 minutes. Surya’s role and especially Sruthi Hassan’s role were absolutely cringe worthy. I hope these actors start choosing good scripts which aren’t so over the top. Action/Masala films can be made without being over the top. When they keep mentioning Vijay 61, 62 et all, I have no interest in knowing what those movies are. I am more interested in finding out what is Karthik Subburaj , Karthik Naren, Manikandan etc.. are working on next. It is good that we have some very good directors who are making sensible films with actual actors.

  20. Jordan says:

    @Ramesh 1 “I really do wish Ajith comes out and speaks to the media one of these days”. Apart from his brutal honesty which often gets misinterpreted in the media, what are the other reasons for his no-show with the media? At least Rajini and Vijay attend their audio launches, but Ajith is always absent. Ithukku pinnaala oru Varalaru irukkunu theriyum. The last time when he wholeheartedly gave interviews and press junkies were during Billa’s release. What happened since then?