Jun 07 2017


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Arulnithi, Tanya in Brindavanam Movie Stills

Director Radhamohan is the Vikraman of this generation, steadfastly sticking to simple, feel-good movies that place emphasis on subtle emotions and comedy over masala and action. Brindavanam, his latest film, isn’t any different.

Jyothika played a speech and hearing impaired character in Mozhi, Radhamohan’s best film so far. In Brindavanam, its the hero Kannan(Arulnidhi) who is  speech and hearing impaired (as is typical whenever a deaf-mute is involved, there are a few jokes arising from people misinterpreting Kannan’s gestures as he communicates with them). Kannan is an orphan and since this is a Radhamohan film, it goes without saying that he is well-liked by people around him. Sandhya(Tanya Ravichandran), who runs a grocery store, likes him but he rebuffs her advances.

A big fan of actor Vivek, its a dream come true for Kannan when he runs into the actor himself when helping him when his vehicle is stuck by the roadside.Vivek, playing himself, shows only glimpses of the form he was in when he was at the top. The script doesn’t help him much since there are not a lot of jokes that can be extracted from him trying to keep his identity secret in public.  So most of the laughs come from nostalgia as he refers to his tracks from older movies. Cell Murugan plays a production assistant looking for Vivek to complete a film shooting. His encounters with Vivek aren’t that funny either but Vivek’s different accents lead to some chuckles.

The film moves along rather aimlessly with no real conflicts and finally shows signs of life as Sandhya becomes more serious about being in love with Kannan(her character is written well and her conversations with her parents sound practical). The story momentarily wakes up thanks to a nice twist. While it initially seems forced and cinematic, the backstory leading up to it manages to be surprisingly convincing. But once the secret is out, the film goes back to doing what it did before, except that the roles are reversed as Sandhya rejects Kannan this time around.

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6 Responses to “Brindavanam”

  1. Reza says:

    Radhamohan my most favorite indian director bcas of writing, screenplay and humor. Except Ponniyin selvam (still a good movie) the rest were gems. Uppu karuvadu saw atleast 100 times.

  2. Ramesh 1 says:

    Heard good things too + waiting to watch. I feel Radha Mohan should get a bit more credit than he does….a rare director who gets situational humour right, while creating memorable characters. His career is sort of meandering along though – with little progress and diminishing box office returns. I wonder if he’s missing Prakash Raj!

  3. Harish says:

    Please! Don’t compare RadhaMohan to Vikraman. Except for Poove Unakaga (that would be the subtlest of movies Vikraman had made and even there everything was over-the-top), every film of Vikraman was over-the-top even for that timeframe, whereas RadhaMohan tends to keep things at a practical level (yes I know he got it wrong) and far more versatile (Payanam).

    I have only seen snippets of this movie, and I cannot disagree with your view of it being an underwhelming experience for Vivek’s fans because you tend to see some of the better scenes but if that is anything to go by, I can clearly see your point on this movie.

  4. Vijayan says:

    You forgot crass (by Radhamohan’s standard not to the level of Hari, Perarasu) Gouravam

    I think he’s one of the most subtle director Kollywood has now. While Mozhi showed his flair for comedy, who would’ve though he would come-up with mindblowing Payanam. Those 2 films are definetly best films Kollywood has to offer in the last 10 years or so.

    Uppu Karuvadu was a unique attempt. The dialogues & screenplay kept proceedings interesting. I wish some top rung actors agree to work with Radhamohan cuz he not only extracts what he wants from actors, but seems like fun chap as well

  5. Jay says:

    Just curious. How is a hearing impaired person a fan of a comedy actor? That too one who relies on jokes based on dialogs and not too much on physical comedy? Was that explained in the movie?

  6. Balaji says:

    Reza, I never watched Uppu Karuvadu. Went from theaters rather quietly.

    Ramesh 1, I think he could do with a little more drama. Situational humor is good but can take u only so far. Radhamohan’s films after Mozhi haven’t found a strong conflict that involves us and drives the movie forward.

    Harish, I was one of the few Vikraman fans when he was churning out hits and generally liked the feel-good nature of his films. It was definitely over-the-top but quite a few parts worked well.

    Vijayan, yeah Payanam was quite a surprise from Radhamohan but he hasn’t shown much versatility after that.

    Jay, that’s an interesting question I didn’t think about. And no, they don’t explain that :)