Jun 14 2017


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Yeidhavan follows the Bairavaa route in exposing the seedier side of our education system. But instead of a superstar like Vijay, its Kalaiarasan who has to fight the system. This works well initially since the lack of image-enhancing songs and fights allow the network and the way the system works to be shown better. But Kalaiarasan does turn heroic later on and that makes the film feel more run-of-the-mill.

Krishna(Kalaiarasan) attempts to enroll his sister in a medical college and encounters non-approved colleges, huge capitation fees and shady agents who can procure seats for the right money. Krishna’s family feels real and so his desperation and struggle to collect the needed money for his sister are understandable. The focus continues to be on the system as Government approval is denied for the college that he eventually enrolls his sister in. So the students begin protesting while Krishna finds that he has no way of getting the money back.

A separate track sees a rowdy Dharma rob a rich man Gaurav and the latter search for Dharma to get his revenge. The way the two tracks dovetail is cleverly done. Gaurav’s identity and link to Krishna, the fact that what Krishna thought was a planned murder was simply an accident and Dharma’s connection to Krishna are all small surprises that build up to a nice route for the film’s story to take. Krishna employs the old adage “the enemy of an enemy is a friend” but we know that this new friend is also an enemy and that piques our interest about what his plan is going to be.

The film gives Krishna an interesting job – he runs a company that makes machines that count notes. This is not just a gimmick either since the profession comes in handy at a few places. Janani(Satna Titus), his lover, doesn’t fare as well. She is a cop and isn’t afraid to use her job to take Krishna aside for some alone time. She also helps him out a few times but is given less to do as the story proceeds and  is barely seen after Krishna puts his plan into action.

Things become a tad cinematic as Krishna executes his plan since the people he goes up against are real powerful and he barely has any resources. But some well-constructed scenes(like the one where some goons try to kill a college student) and short bursts of thrills(as when Dharma goes to Gaurav’s office) keep things moving. Some double crosses make things interesting towards the end but also make things more cinematic as Krishna turns into a regular hero who can win a fight against anybody.

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  1. Vijayan says:

    Think this hero, Kalaiarasan along with Bobby Simha are 2 of the more versatile actors in cinema today

    Both have a knack for picking intriguing scripts (Madras, Jigarthanda, Ko 2) & their grounded acting along with typical next-door Chennai boy looks are giving them an edge to forming solid foundation for their future projects

    Siva Karthikeyan irritate me with his countless Maan Karates, Remoes, Rajni Murugans, Varudha Padathar Valibar Sangams phew!!! Notice how his movie titles are nothing but one-liners used by comedian actors like Vadivelu, Vivek, Vaiyapuri etc? Even his acting looks nothing more than histrionics/emojis with non-stop sarcasm to cover-up his absolute lack of acting

    Compared to SK, I definetly think Kalaiarasan & Bobbh Simha as brighter stars


    The two tracks, similar to another recent movie Maanagaram, came together in a good manner. I agree with you that the movie could have been more interesting if Kalaiarasan didn’t turn into Ajith at the end. His build suits Ajith more than Vijay. :-)

  3. Sandya says:

    I’ve liked whatever film I’ve seen with Kalairasan in it so far. I would like to see Adhe kaNNgal soon.. adhai mudhala mudichuttu varen! ???