Jul 24 2017

Ivan Thanthiran

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So far this year, the problems in TN’s college education system seem to be providing the most fodder for our filmmakers. After Bairavaa and Yeidhavan, Kannan’s Ivan Thanthiran also deals with the same subject.

Shakthi(Gautham Karthik), who owns an electronics store, is also a ‘reverse engineer’ – he reverse engineers expensive gadgets and builds cheaper versions. This helps kickstart his romance with Asha(Shraddha Srinath), a college student, when he sells her a laptop she claims was defective. But the fact that he is an electronics whiz is used throughout the film as he builds and employs many things like a “bug” camera, a tracker chip and an x-ray scanner. RJ Balaji plays his friend and gets a lots of quips in in his usual fast-talking style though the 2 monologues he delivers, one criticizing engineers and another sympathizing with them, are most likely to win him some loud cheers.

HRD minister Devaraj shuts down many colleges for poor infrastructure but its just a ruse to milk more money from the college administrators. Shakthi is hired to install security cameras at the minister’s office but gets cheated out of his payment and that kicks off his beef with the minister. But he gets more involved emotionally when he sees the consequences of the minister’s action and vows to bring him down.

Shakthi employs a lot of technology to implicate the minister and thankfully the minister responds in kind. So there is nice suspense as he tries to track Shakthi down(Shakthi’s pet dog gets to play a role the chase too in a crowd-pleasing scene). The way the minister gets out of a sticky situation is also clever and so he proves to be a strong adversary, which is necessary to make the fight interesting.

The film adds Asha into the mix to make the climax more suspenseful. That by itself is a good idea but the same cannot be said about the way she is brought into the picture. Though she doesn’t have much to do, she had some across as a focused, sensible girl in an earlier scene where her response to Shakthi’s proposal is delivered just right(his reaction is also subtle but effective). But all that is forgotten in an interview scene where, in his wish to get her back for the climax, the director makes her act in a way that is silly and regressive and nullifies the respect she gained until then.

Aside from the bad way Asha is brought in, the climax delivers a good mix of suspense, thrills and surprises. Shakthi’s situation is pretty dire(the film actually starts with this scene) and his recovery is a bit too fast and unbelievable. But his plan, when revealed, contains some nice surprises. One aspect of his plan is easily guessed since it is pretty old-fashioned but the other things put in place to lead to it(like the part with the road speed bumps) are clever and come as neat surprises.

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    I recently saw another movie of Gautham Karthik. The thing that struck me was his improvement from Kadal and that other movie which was panned widely.

  2. Prasad says:

    Finally a Gautham movie that has received good reviews…!!

  3. Prakash says:

    @VS, are you referring to Rangoon? Can’t be too many good Gautam Karthik movies out now. I saw Rangoon and liked it a lot also. Partly maybe because of lower expectations. But think it’s a solid movie overall. My first GK movie, I think he acted quite well.

    Maybe he’s going to turn out like his old man. A lot of nonsense, a couple good movies to raise hopes, back to nonsense etc

  4. Preethi says:

    Waiting for your take on “Vikram Vedha”, Balaji :)

  5. Jordan says:

    @Prakash “A lot of nonsense, a couple good movies to raise hopes, back to nonsense” LOL, apparently the old man has an interesting role in Suriya’s TSK. Let’s see if Vignesh Shivan uses him well like he did with Anand Raj and Parthipan in NRD.

  6. Balaji says:

    VS/Prasad, after Muthuramalingam, there was no place for GK to go but up. Thankfully he got a couple of movies that did push him up.

    Prakash, both him and Vikram Prabhu are struggling to find there niche though VP has definitely picked the better scripts so far. They need to take some risks and get some solid hits under their belt to go up the Kollywood ladder though.

    Jordan, oh he is in TSK? Didn’t know. The much-hyped return in Anegan didn’t do much. So have to wait & see how he does.

  7. Prakash says:

    Yeah, he didn’t add much to Anegan at all. The best part about Karthik in the movie was the scene where Dhanush imitates him!