Aug 17 2017

Gemini Ganesanum Surulirajanum

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Combining the names of a yesteryear romantic hero and a comedian(from a different era) who is fondly remembered for his unique and distinctive style does lead to a catchy title that is suitable for a romantic comedy. But director Ilavarasu Odam apparently used up all his creative energy in coming up with the title for his film since beyond the title, there is very little creativity in evidence in either the romance or the comedy in his film Gemini Ganesanum Surulirajanum.

The film is an attempt to do a rom-com take on Cheran’s Autograph(the film is explicitly referenced at a few places). It starts off with Gemini Ganesan(Atharva) showing up at self-styled don Suruli’s house. Soori plays Suruli and with the cops looking for him, and his name occupying half the title, it initially looks like he would get a track of his own. But he is then relegated to the usual sidekick role of accompanying Ganesan and delivering reaction shots to his story. But he fares a lot better than Rajendran who gets the even more thankless role of a driver who simply drives Gemini and Suruli around.

Gemini is looking for Lavanya, who was a tenant at the house, to give her his wedding invitation. He and Suruli head out to locate her and during the journey, Suruli learns about the exploits of Gemini, who was a commitment-phobic serial lover. Aside from Lavanya(Regina Cassandra), Atharva also had brief romances with Saroja(Aaditi), Priya(Pranitha) and Pooja(Aishwarya Rajesh).

The problem is that none of these romances are likeable or believable. The need to fit 4 romances into the running time leads to all of them being quick and very superficial. The girls(Pooja fares a little better than the other 3) uniformly come across as silly and naive as they fall for Gemini for no obvious reason and he indulges in some meaningless acts(the silliest one sees him pick a random foreigner begging on the street and give him a shave!) to impress them. And after such brief romances, it sounds ridiculous when the girls get all serious and talk about marriage.

The comedy is supposed to come from the timing of these romances as Gemini surprises Suruli – and us – with how he managed to carry on more than one romance at the same time. But showing us how Gemini two-timed women multiple times doesn’t really count as comedy even if Atharva tries to act all cute and his behavior is later given a ridiculous back story(it involves Gemini Ganesan and his on-screen image). The only good laughs come near the end as a sudden, out-of-place sentimental scene is used nicely and is later followed by a funny twist that involves Suruli.

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  1. Prasad says:

    >used up all his creative energy in coming up with the title
    I really liked this. How on earth one could come up with something like that and fall flat totally? If I was any family member of the titular names, would have ensured the director paid a price (figuratively) for all his fancy thinking