Aug 24 2017

Velai Illa Pattadhari 2

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Velai Illa Pattadhari was great masala film with a near-perfect mix of humor, sentiments, romance and action. It was well-made but its biggest strength was that all these aspects were subtle and low-key, which added a dash of realism to the proceedings and made us forget that we were watching a star-driven masala film, which it undoubtedly was. It is the low-key touch that is missing from the sequel Velai Illa Pattadhari 2, which sees Soundarya Rajnikanth take over directing duties.

Velai Illa Pattadhari 2 is a true sequel in that it continues the story with the same characters(the only change is that Anitha, who was played by Surabhi in the first part is now played by Ritu Verma). Its a couple of years after the events in the first part. Raghuvaran(Dhanush), no longer a VIP, is still working for Anitha Constructions while holding on to the dream of launching his own construction company with the other VIPs who helped him successfully complete the project in the first film.

He is now married to Shalini(Amala Paul) and the relationship between them is one of the casualties of the film’s loud approach. The independent, understanding Shalini from the first film is now the kind of wife who inspires all those Whatsapp jokes about terrorizing wives and meek husbands. She has even given up her dental clinic job to take care of things at home and is constantly shouting at Raghuvaran. Raghuvaran’s father(Samuthirakani) is reduced to a bystander in this relationship, making jokes about Raghuvaran’s situation and sympathizing with him. The film doesn’t characterize her as a heartless shrew since there is always an underpinning of affection in her anger but the broad and familiar comedy does make us miss the gentle humor that marked the romance before(it is brought up in a conversation Raghuvaran has with his mother-in-law, another character who has been forced to change for the sake of laughs).

Surprisingly the track with Vivek, Cell Murugan and Vivek’s unseen wife Thangapushpam, which was the source of broad comedy in the first part, has been sidetracked here with only a couple of references.

This time around Raghuvaran butts heads with Vasundhara(Kajol), the head of Vasundhara Constructions, one of the largest construction companies in South India. When he first insults her(by saying no to a job offer) and then steals a prestigious project from right under her nose, she gets Anitha Constructions’ projects cancelled, which forces Raghuvaran to quit his job and become a VIP again. But the fight between Raghuvaran and Vasundhara doesn’t generate any sparks. With Vasundhara always stopping him before he can do anything substantial, their war never goes beyond threats issued by her and punch dialogs uttered by him. Unlike the first part, where he actually had to deal with strong issues while executing his project, Raghuvaran never actually overcomes anything here. He is still the underdog but doesn’t give us many opportunities to cheer for him.

The goodwill earned by VIP has been exploited well and stands the sequel in good stead in many areas. References to events from the film and the return of Raghuvaran’s mother(Saranya) as a figment of his imagination evoke strong reactions mainly because everything in the first film was so well-liked. Anirudh’s music is also sorely missed(Sean Roldan isn’t able to match up to him), as is evident in the times when the music from the first part is played.

Eventually its the quiet moments that make the film work. The way Shalini brings up the subject of returning to work or Raghuvaran’s father’s reaction when he wants to use the house as collateral are some of these moments that are effective because of their quietness and the lack of drama. The climax too could fall under that category. It goes on for a bit too long but is very different from the usual action climaxes. It is probably the only part where the film that fares better than its predecessor.

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5 Responses to “Velai Illa Pattadhari 2”

  1. Vijayan says:

    Wonder whats the mindset of guys watchin Dhanush films (VIP, VIP2, Maari, Naiyaandi, Mariyaan, 3, Thodari bla bla bla bla an ocean of horribly directed & produced films since Dreams, Sullan days)

    Heard the guy openly claimed in success meet *cough* dat its sequel could never match VIP’s classic status as if it was Nolan/Tarantino film. Tbh, never bothered when VIP in theater when it released & despite doin so out of sheer boredom during one of the Sundays when it aired on Sun TV, I remembered switchin to Adithya Ch cuz it at least “life” compared to flat, dry, forced attempt of humor in VIP

    Once I knew Kajol signed, knew its doomed. Hey, I admire Kajol. Just the husband-wife duo’s ego is so inflated which actually showed in VIP 2 BO performance/reviews/verdict

  2. Jordan says:

    My biggest confusion is whether Soundarya really directed this film, or was it Dhanush ghost-directing from behind. From seeing those promos with the punch lines, self-pandering, and more slo-mo shots, it seemed like Dhanush did way more than write this.

  3. Vijayan says:


    VIP Dhanush’s vintage one-liners, slo-mo’s are intact here. No doubt. But its clear Soundarya was calling the shots as the overall execution & presentation was evidently different compared to VIP (which had a raw, gritty feel) as opposed to subtle, yet grandeur vibe in VIP2

    Frankly, D-boy musta been thinkin of killing not just 2 but 3 to 4 birds with 1 stone (VIP2)

    1. Ressurecting his wife’s career as director after absymal 3 (2012)

    2. Clinging to B-wood by roping Kajol

    3. Giving at least 1 solid, profitable venture after a long list of flops in Tamil

    4. Cover-up medias so-called rumors revolving D-A.Paul-Soundarya’s affair by having his wife actually direct VIP2 thereby dismissing them.

    Phew! Look at dude’s masterplan with just 1 film. Future Vjna

  4. Jordan says:

    @Vijayan Yeah, this VIP 2 seems more of a vanity project for Dhanush and family, but from Balaji’s review, it does seem like its earnest in some parts. I wished he’d just focus on getting Vada Chennai done and that film with Karthik Subburaj, those seem like solid projects than this Maari 2, VIP 2, money-making devices. Less said about Vjna and Thala who keep working with Atlee, Siruthai Siva over and over again.

    P.S Aishwarya is Dhanush’s wife, not Soundarya. Soundarya is SIL of D, LOL.

  5. Suresh says:

    I am never a fan of Vip. Watched it when I had nothing to watch and definitely enjoyed the realistic feel in the beginning until the climax sequence where Danush turns into Bruce Lee mode. I don’t agree with your choice for Aniruth music. He is clearly the most overrated in my opinion. Most of his music sounds very familer “Kathu” style noise. Another poor choice for Danush what a waste of talent. ☹️