Jan 30 2018

Poetry in Motion (Picture)

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Movies are termed visual poetry but how about plain poetry? Just had some fun with this thought with Baasha as an example…

All Manickam wants is peace
His 2 sisters and brother he does adore
A rich gal falls in love with him
Turns out he knows her dad from before

At a police station and a college
We get glimpses into his past
But its not until his sister is hurt
That we learn the full story at last

Turns out he was a don in Bombay
Who became one when they killed his friend
But his own dad worked for another don Antony
And the dad too was killed at the end

So he faked his death in Bombay
And moved to Madras, family in tow
He became a quiet auto driver
“No more violence” became his vow

But now his secret is finally out
When he rescues his gal from marriage
Her dad recognizes him and tells Antony
Who becomes all consumed by rage

So Antony breaks out of jail
And gets back with his crew
He kidnaps Manickam’s lady love
And imprisons the rest of his family too

Manickam saves them all
But Antony’s rage he is unable to quell
Finally Manickam’s brother shoots Antony
And all’s well that ends well

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7 Responses to “Poetry in Motion (Picture)”

  1. Jjay says:

    Impressive…. :)

  2. Prasad says:

    Wow, thats awesome…!!! If its your maiden attempt you sure have aced it…!!

  3. Sandya says:


  4. Kumar says:

    Cool! In fact, I re-read it in Lin-Manuel Miranda’s style and it was even more amazing :)

    Just one critique – no place for “If he says it once, he means it a hundred times”? :)

  5. Harish Natarahjan says:


    An ode to the new poet :)

  6. swetharan says:

    Very nice to read this Balaji :-). Quite nicely summarises the plot.

    “Her dad recognizes him and tells Antony”

    It’s actually Antony’s informer who has somehow tagged along with Kesavan, who lets this known to his boss.

    Any chance you got to see the recent pic of Mark Antony Jr meeting Maanik Baasha?

  7. Balaji says:

    Jjay/Prasad/Sandya, thanks!

    Kumar, ah I should’ve used it somehow. Its so iconic…

    Harish, lol. And thanks!

    swetharan, ah that’s true. I’ll simply call it poetic license :)
    Yeah, the meeting was to release Raghuvaran’s music album right?