Sep 12 2017

Jab Harry Met Sejal

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What is it about the pairing of Shah Rukh Khan and Anushka that drives directors to dream up their most moronic scripts? First there was Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi, where both of them played characters who were mean, selfish and unlikable. I don’t remember much about Jab Tak Hai Jaan but I do remember there was a scene where the two of them talk about love when he is dismantling a bomb. Those were both movies by reputed directors. The former was from Aditya Chopra who gave us DDLJ and the latter from Yash Chopra, who has delivered several romantic hits. Now Imtiaz Ali, the man behind films like Jab We Met and Rockstar, delivers another clunker with the same pair.

We’ve had movies where girls who are engaged fall for someone else. But for the storyline to work, the girl’s change of heart needs to be convincing with the sense that she tried to resist falling for the hero but couldn’t. That’s not how it is here. Anushka plays Sejal, who is engaged to be married. On a group tour of Europe, she loses her engagement ring and with no idea where she lost it, she wants to visit the places she could’ve lost the ring in and asks Harry(SRK), the tour guide, to accompany her on the quest.

We’ve had worse setups for romances but its Sejal’s characterization that’s the main issue here. None of her actions make any sense. There is no clear reason for why she wants to hang out with Harry even after he lays out the risks and suggests a safer option. And when she is with him she goes to bars against his advice, she flirts with him, cuddles up to him and asks him to think of her as his girlfriend(because he is lonely!). All this while talking lovingly with her fiance and proudly declaring that she will leave Harry with no emotions whatsoever the moment the ring is found. So at any given point  in the film she is comes across as being an idiot(the biggest moment being when she finds the ring), completely heartless, a flirt or a tease.

Harry comes across as more real. He misses home and jumps from girlfriend to girlfriend trying to fill the void in his life. So his character arc is more convincing as he slowly falls for Sejal and alternates between warning her, pulling away from her and getting closer to her. SRK delivers a mature performance though he has the advantage that Harry gains sympathy just by way of having to put up with Sejal’s actions.

The film takes us to several spots in Europe as the two go ring hunting but there are really no places or shots that make us go “Wow!”. And the film is proof that a bigger budget cannot get you foreign actors who act well. Radha… and Beech Beech Mein… are picturized with energy and are bright spots.

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  1. Jordan says:

    LOL, I actually watched this film on Einthusan, but you’re right Balaji, it was a moronic script. The whole “looking for the ring” part was silly, and even the charm of the SRK-Anushka pairing couldn’t make it bearable after a point. I guess the message was that a ring does not mean you are stuck to somebody, but that could have been better shown. I was surprised by all this underwhelmingness because I like Imtiaz Ali, and I enjoyed Rockstar and Tamasha.

  2. Prasad says:

    I really feel sad for Sharhrukh coz much has been spoken about his career being in crossroads where he isn’t sure of whether to do “character roles” like “Dear Zindagi” or the Raj/Rahul kinds like this movie or say DDLJ (kind of stuck in past). For someone who achieved stardom playing negative roles, I wonder why he isn’t trying as much today.

  3. Vijayan says:


    Well, he did portrayed negative character in films like Don, Om Shanti Om, Don 2, Fan and recent Raees. Outta those 5, 3 were blockbusters, Fan was average & OSO was kinda meh

    SRK is experiencing same phase as Rajni imo. Either stuck with same directors over & over by recycling same old template, or attempting genuinely outta their comfort zone projects like Fan, Dear Zindagi, Kabali only for them to underperform/bomb

    While I enjoyed Raees & thought songs of JHMS to be great (Radha, Hawaiyyen are instant fav) I knew based on the teaser itself that its gonna be a film I will safely ignore.

    Should Sharukh be desperate enuf for a hit, he’ll join Farhan for Don 3 or Karan Johar for sure. Those are like hit machines & I will always prefer SRK in an engaging, dramatic & action packed film rather than preachy, romantic duds

  4. Jordan says:

    @Vijayan Wasn’t Raees not a total negative role for him? He did bad things and went to jail and all, but the film still portrayed him as the hero.

  5. Reza says:

    Chak de india, swades were the movies i enjoyed watching the actor SRK the rest just hate hes acting. kabhi alvida na kehna was worst i guess. Is he the modern day Sivaji ganesan who overacts but fans adore him.

  6. venkitachalam says:

    Two different Tamizh movies I enjoyed were RUBAAI & ORU KIDAYIN KARUNAI MANU. ORU CINEMAKKARAN was an enjoyable Malayalam movie.


    I just saw another interesting movie KURANGU BOMMAI in Tamil.