Oct 02 2017


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Vikram Prabhu plays Guru, a fireman in Neruppuda. He and his 4 friends have dreamed of becoming firemen since they were in school and are now trainees with only a written exam standing in the way of becoming full-fledged firemen. Though the film’s title directly addresses fire and the hero is a fireman, the profession hardly makes any difference to the story. I wasn’t expecting Backdraft but its still disappointing that fires and fire-fighting play no part in the main story. The job helps give Guru a heroic introduction(he saves a kid from a burning hut) but that’s about it. There is a token fire at the end that is used for an important reason and is then put out by him but that hardly justifies the film’s emphasis on fire through that title and his job.

The only aspect it somewhat plays a part in is Guru’s romance with Vasumathi(Nikki Galrani). But its one of those romances that the director felt the need to insert since a masala movie isn’t complete without it but then wanted to get it over with quickly to focus on the main story. Her “I love you” is too soon and sudden even with her story about idolizing him and she is quickly shoved aside after a duet and has little role to play until the usual “damsel in distress” part at the end.

The primary track sees Guru clash with a rowdy Pulianthoppu Ravi(Madhusudhan Rao) after an unfortunate altercation between one of Guru’s friends and Sadha(Vincent Asokan), Ravi’s friend. This clash is kept interesting as Guru keeps trying to get out of it and keeps getting pulled back in by one misunderstanding after another. So the proceedings aren’t always predictable and there is suspense and and even a few laughs in the ways in which Guru and Ravi end up running into each other. But there is always the feeling that this battle between the two of them isn’t hefty enough to prop up the full movie and so the story feels stagnant notwithstanding all the small twists in Guru-Ravi story.

The expectation that there is something more turns out to be valid but it is a case of too little too late. The suspense about a major massacre isn’t maintained long enough to be built up and the big reveal isn’t strong enough to be a good payoff even for the little suspense. The proceedings – the location, the dialogs, a key performance – all feel a little over-the-top after the low-key nature of the movie till then.

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  1. Prakash Rao says:

    Hmm. Another day, another ho-hum Vikram Prabhu movie. I saw portions of the preview during my India vacation. The fireman role got me thinking/hoping it would be different. Not to be I guess.

  2. Prasad says:

    Seriously, when was the last movie of this guy that was even a Hit? I wonder how he is failing consistently in picking up scripts. Considering he comes from “kalai kudumbam”, I am pretty much amused..!!

  3. Jordan says:

    I think its fair to say that Vikram Prabhu is sustaining in Tamil Cinema purely on nepotism. This doesn’t just limit to Bollywood. How else would be continue to work as lead hero after giving back to back BO duds and lifeless performances?

  4. Balaji says:

    Vikram Prabhu seems to be staying afloat shuffling between bad and not-so-bad movies. I’m assuming that at least some of those not-so-bad movies made money since he keeps getting roles. Gautham Karthik seems to be doing the same thing though his variation is more extreme with really bad and decent movies.